HP Inc. Is Looking To Sprint Its Way To Better Health – Can Work But Not Before It Hurts Enough!

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Vishal Sikka’s Resignation A Rude Reminder About State Of Founder Led Firms In India

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Here’s Why Mainframes Are Still Relevant In The Cloud & Mobile Era

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Hybrid IT Expected To Help Deliver On The Digital Transformation Promise

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Google Cloud Region In Sydney Now Live – Tweets By Greyhound Research

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Top CHRO Priority For 2017 – Getting HR Analytics Right

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Realigning To New H1B Realities: Infosys Announces Hiring Plans For US

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Procuring Public Cloud – Ponder Before You Purchase

Over the last 12 months, we at Greyhound Research carried out thousands of end-user enquiries on adoption of Public Cloud. These enquiries have ranged from questions on assessing Cloud vendors, controlling costs, automating manual tasks, ensuring data security & compliance, identifying potential workloads…

AI Is Evolving Quick & Vendors Are Struggling To Find The Secret Sauce

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Cloud Failures Will Drive Enterprises To Hire Startup CTOs

Over the last 12 months, we at Greyhound Research, the Technology Transformation arm of Greyhound Knowledge Group, carried out thousands of end-user enquiries on various aspects of Cloud Computing. These enquiries have ranged from questions on benchmarking cloud providers, enterprise…

The Pillars That Maketh A True Cashless Society

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Change At Flipkart To Set Precedence For Global Investors In India

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Blackberry Acquires Goods – End Of Rough Or The Final Nail?

On September 04, 2015, Blackberry announced the acquisition of Good Technology for US$ 425 million in cash. This is a significant announcement given the looming doubts on the future of Blackberry and the increasing presence of its competitors in the Enterprise…