Uber Reversed Out Of Food Tech And Drove Straight Into Fintech

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Fintech Lender Aye Finance Raises ₹107 cr From BlueOrchard

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Unprofitable WhatsApp May Hit Facebook’s Profitable Apps: Mark Zuckerberg

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WhatsApp Business: How Companies Are Using App To Cut Costs And Communicate Better

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WhatsApp: The New Business Card, Storefront, And Cash Register

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“WhatsApp wins India’s payment wars!” No. That’s fake news.

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PayPal, A Pioneer That Introduced Digital Payments To The World, Now Wants To Ride India’s Boom

American online payments firm PayPal is looking at a bigger payoff from its bets in India. The company, which set up a startup incubator in Chennai in 2013, has now decided to start taking equity in the firms that join…

Smart Cities, FinTech StartUps And IoT Top Dell EMC’s Agenda

Bidding for smart city projects, working with startups and launching a slew of products for an increasingly digital world are among the things that Dell EMC is planning , as it completes one year of the merger between Dell Inc.…

Did Axis Bank Lap Up FreeCharge For A Song, Or Pay A Tad Too Much?

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Axis Bank buys FreeCharge for USD 60 Million

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Amazon Pay Gets $20 Mn From Parent, Rolls Out Third-Party Payment Services

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WhatsApp Has Business Chat, Payment Sectors In Its Sights

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Digital Payments: Paytm’s Biggest Contender Will Be WhatsApp Or Amazon?

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Amazon Pay Plans Mobile Recharges, Could Be Tough Competition For Paytm, MobiKwik

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MobiKwik Stops Cashback To Start Loyalty Programme, Reduce Burn By 25%

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Dance Of The Damned: Is The Paytm Founder Celebrating Too Soon?

At 43, Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s energy level is palpable, as he danced on “Malhari” the song from actor Ranveer Singh’s movie Bajirao Mastani, at the annual Paytm event. But Sharma forgot that in the era of internet, on which Paytm’s…

M-Wallet Companies Look To Forge Partnerships With Insurance Firms

Mobile-wallet ventures are increasingly looking for partnerships with insurance companies in an effort to minimise their liability with risks from cyber security breaches on the rise. “A lot of times, hardware is mass produced and software just gets designed around…

The Pillars That Maketh A True Cashless Society

Below are some of the latest tweets on this topic. Read a more updated thread by clicking on any of the tweets from below. https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802753731074740226 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802766535412461570 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802767061302722562 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802767527310802945 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802768084167557120 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802770360659681280 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802771916901621760 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802772782639550464 https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/802776997726326784

Funds Dried Up And Valuations Fell: The Year That Was For Startups

The biggest change for technology startups came on November 8, when the government announced its decision to ban currency notes of Rs 500 and 1,000. Suddenly technology became a large driver for commerce. While retail sales in pockets dropped up…

Grocers Suffer As Wholesalers, Distributors Still Not On Paytm

The government’s demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1,000 currency notes has led to the meteoric rise of Paytm, India’s largest digital wallet and payment company. “When the cash is back, it will be a challenge. We will have to see how…

外媒:加码Paytm 阿里巴巴将推天猫印度

8月15日消息,据印度斯坦时报(hindustantimes.com)报道,阿里巴巴正和印度最大移动支付和商务平台Paytm商议,将全资收购或持股后者旗下的电商平台Paytm Mall。 “一旦这种情况发生,阿里巴巴能够获得Paytm Mall很大一部分。阿里巴巴在印度就不用从头开始了。”Greyhound Research的首席分析师Sanchit Vir Gogia说。 Source: China.com | 10jqka.com.cn | Yinhang123.net | ebrun.com | toutiao.com | Colabug.com | dgju.com | rizhuan300.com | peng-yuan.com | chinaef.com |