Greyhound Empowerment Program

Giving back is not an option. It’s a moral obligation. Empowering others drives us.

We are fully aware that the words used above sound larger than life, and it’s hard to believe such statements in today’s world when any and every act of giving is well documented, socialised and marketed. Well, we have nothing against those who believe in pomp and show, but that’s not what our organisational culture stands for.

We believe giving back to the community truly empowers when done silently. Hence we don’t have any pictures, videos and the like to show to you here.

However, for those keen to know more about how we empower, all we have to say is that in addition to financial support, we extend technology, skills, psychological and many other forms of support to those in the underprivileged communities. Our team is also particularly enthused about protecting nature and wildlife and often gets their hands dirty with preservation activities. We hope this helps.