Greyhound Ethos

Truly Independent Research. We at Greyhound Research stand strongly against vendor-sponsored research. We strictly do not undertake vendor-sponsored research in any shape or form.

Flexible Research Models. We offer flexible research engagement models that are suitable for a broad range of clients. This spans Trackers, Toolkits, Reports, Studios, Events, Advisory & Consulting.

Focus On Quality. We do not treat clients and research themes on the monetary business value. Anything we undertake undergoes the same rigour on quality norms and the effort commitment regardless of the commercial aspects. If we cannot do justice to something, we politely tell you accordingly. Try us!

Uninterrupted Client Access. We exist to help our clients make informed decisions about their business performance. We have learned that in order to do that, we have to offer uninterrupted access and approachability to our clients. Time is of the essence for decision-making and we appreciate the importance of being accessible in a timely manner.

Power Of Communities. We at Greyhound Research truly believe that exchange of ideas helps drive innovations. Hence, our decision to establish an invite-only community of IT decision makers termed as Greyhound Golden Gate (G-Qube). To learn more about how you can enrol in the community, please reach out to us on

Staying Humble Always. At Greyhound Research, we don’t take the high road and we keep our business really simple. We keep our heads on our shoulders with belief in execution, which is what our clients really need from us.