Apple Rings In The Closing Notes On Its Iconic iPod

Two decades after it disrupted the way people listened to music, Apple has rung in the closing notes on the production of the iPod. Introduced in 2001, the first iPod was launched by Steve Jobs as the “quantum leap” for…

Apple Sees Flat Quarter In India, Even As Global Growth Breaks Records

Despite Apple’s record-breaking results globally for the quarter ending on December 25, the iPhone maker saw flat quarterly growth in the Indian market. According to Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and Founder of Greyhound Research, “During the December quarter for…

Aarogya Setu App To Be Preloaded On Phones? Apple’s iPhone Likely To Be A Problem

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Aarogya Setu Explained: Why It’s Draconian, Ineffective, Yet Needed

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Albeit Critical Contact Tracing Apps Alone Won’t Help Flatten The Curve

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Contact Tracing: A Tool For Mass Monitoring Not Mass Surveillance

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Vishal Sikka’s Vian Systems Raises $50 Million In Funding

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Episode 2: #GreyhoundTV #DoubleDecaff – IBM Announces Sydney Multi-Zone Region

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Episode 1: #GreyhoundTV #DoubleDecaff – AWS Launches New Region in Hong Kong

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How To Choose Between Google One, OneDrive, iCloud

In a bid to enhance its revenue from storage on the cloud in India, Google Inc. has launched a new cloud storage subscription service called Google One. The idea, according to the company’s tagline, is to “get more out of…

The Weird, Wild World of Live Streaming

Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & CEO of Greyhound Research believes that live streaming is a profitable business and more startups will come to the fore in the future. But he also warns that individual users should be more careful about how much…

The Rise Of Virtual Assistants

Search is now moving towards voice commands and giants like Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are trying their best to bring in the change in consumer behaviour. “You have all the information at your fingertips,” is soon going to be replaced by, “You just…

Google, Apple, Amazon Bet On Virtual Assistants: Voice Could Be The Next Big Tech Revolution; Here’s Why

Voice could be the next big technology revolution in the world, and tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others are investing heavily in it. There are already several tools that listen to people and respond like a human being and the growing…

AI Is Coming Of Age, So Should You

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Apple iPhone 7 256GB Variant Discontinued To Boost iPhone 8 Sales

Apple has discontinued what has often been called the “best iPhone model” — iPhone 7 256GB. In fact, reports suggest that Apple might have stopped selling this variant of the iPhone 7 on the same day as the iPhone 8 was launched –…

Busting The Myths of Artificial Intelligence

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How iPhone 8, iPhone X Will Impact The Premium End Of Smartphone Market

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India Still Not Apple Of Tim Cook’s Eye?

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How Apple Is Taking AI To The Masses

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Apple iPhone To Be Made In Bengaluru: Will Boost The Component-Manufacturing Ecosystem In India

Apple iPhones will be made in Karnataka. The government of Karnataka on Thursday said that it welcomed a proposal from Apple Inc to begin initial manufacturing operations in the state, in a sign that the tech company is slowly moving forward…

Gadgets In 2016: Reminiscing The Delightful And Looking Forward To Surprises

The cheapest one came for just Rs 251 while another made global headlines for catching fire.Year 2016 has indeed been the year of smartphones -- for right reasons or wrong -- as these powerful-yet-affordable devices pushed India ahead of the…

Note Ban Chokes Handset, Electronics Business

Handset and electronics business, one of the sectors worst hit by demonetisation, are looking at the government for relief. “The electronics market moves from quarter to quarter. If the situation remains the same, then stocks of products will keep piling…

印度政策已经放宽 苹果为何还不开设零售店

今年 7 月份印度政府决定放宽该国的海外直接投资(FDI)标准相关的限制,以便于特定地区的外国公司在印度国内建立运营业务,包括建立单一品牌的零售店在内。这就意味着苹果公司可以在印度国内无障碍地开设自己的零售店了。当地果粉听闻这条消息时应该是很高兴的。 今年库克曾经到访印度,不过 Greyhound Research 首席分析师 Sanchit Vir Gogia 认为:“有时候是我们过度解读库克的印度之行了。我认为他到访印度不过是想证明,从长期发展来看,他对印度很感兴趣,而短期的话他们则只是和 Reliance 等公司达成合作伙伴关系。” Source: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

So When Is That Elusive Apple Store Coming To India?

India’s wait for its first Apple-owned store is not going to end soon. In June, the Narendra Modi government had paved the way for Apple to open direct stores in the country—almost a decade after iPhones first started selling here.…

Back To Basics? BlackBerry Looks At Enterprise Tie-Ups To Sell Phones

If you are not interested in a BlackBerry phone, we would not be surprised because the company has lost his recall value. Its brand recall value also took a hit when it launched the Blackberry Priv earlier this year at…

Samsung’s Note 7 Has Created A Deep Scar For What Appeared To Be A Picture Perfect Scenario

It was the smartphone Galaxy Note fans had been waiting for. One that was supposed to pack in the best that Samsung had on offer along with some features that no other manufacturer could come up with. It even featured…

Andromeda OS: Google To Bet On Mix Of Chrome, Android To Beat Apple

Google just turned 18 and like any adult it wants its rivals to take it seriously. Enter Andromeda OS - another tool that the Mountain View-headquartered company is expected to unveil in the next 24 hours that it claims comprises…

Google, Microsoft, Apple & IBM Battle It Out In India Enterprise Space

India is all set to become a battleground as Google is gearing up to take on Microsoft and IBM as the California headquartered search giant is eyeing a piece of the lucrative enterprise business. “With Apple and IBM both investing…

India Still Does Not Feature On Apple Launch Map

India may be for one of the fastest growing markets for Apple but when it comes to launches it does not figure on the iPhone maker’s map. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available to customers in India…

Apple Killing The Headphone Jack In iPhone 7: All You Need To Know

Brace yourselves, by around 12AM September 8, it will become abundantly clear that an iconic technology will go the way of the dodo. Of course, I am talking about the trusty old headphone jack - 3.5mm one which we all…