Who Are We?

We are a young company and growing at a pace that most would describe crazy. We get along with people who think (and have acted) out-of-the-box – yes, we deeply fear the mundane and the usual. Not to forget our love for meritocracy and business outcome for our clients.

Oh, and lest we forget, we don’t have big egos and don’t believe in hierarchies – If you think you can deal with a flat organizational structure and some serious fun then why the wait!?

We also have a “real life hound” that works with us part-time (see pic) – she is called Misty. Apart from being the inspiration for the company brand name, Misty also happens to be our Chief Fun Officer – yes, she believes in having some serious fun (check her out)! Curious and wish to learn more about us? Get to know us better on our blog.

Who Are You?

Like all other employers, we expect you to be hard-working and resourceful. But unlike other employers, we don’t track each minute of your time and expect you to be mature enough to do it for yourself. Of course, you communicate well and collaborate even better. You care about the company ethos, have great ideas to add value and thrive on brainstorming discussions with the team. Yes, we discuss and debate a lot! While we appreciate if you have passions and interests outside of work, what really ticks with the team is a great sense of humour!

Are We Hiring?

Yes, we are hiring and have open positions for analysts, research specialists, sales junkies, marketing gurus and hungry interns! If you think you like what you’ve read so far, holler!

How Can You Apply?

Sure, you can reach out to us, but try not to bore us with a corny résumé. Write up a few interesting lines about yourself, share with us your LinkedIn and Twitter profile and send it to our Talent Acquisition Team on If we like what we read, we will invite you to have a coffee with us and share more about our growth story, the business model and larger than life plans for Greyhound Research and Greyhound Knowledge Group.

Didn’t Find Your Fit?

We’re always looking for new and amazing talent. If you are interested in working for us but don’t see any available positions that meet what you are looking for in a job, let us know. We would love to hear from you!