Busting The Myths of Artificial Intelligence

Conversations on Artificial Intelligence (AI) range from the extremely progressive views on the possibilities it offers to the other side of the spectrum where the chatter is all humdrum and the fear of losing jobs to machines overtakes everything else. Well, the fact is, both perspectives are right and matter equally.

To Communicate Empathy, IT Companies Must Let The Actions Do The Talking

Earlier this week I accidentally came across a video from a multinational that makes enterprise software aimed to help organizations better manage operations and customer relations. This video features the company’s top honcho who talks at length about how their company is establishing trust with customers and employees using ’empathy’. To set the context for the commentary below, I have been tracking this company over the past decade and have a solid understanding of their technology, operations, people, and culture.

About Time Technology Executives Stop Drinking The Marketing Kool-Aid

As an industry analyst, I have the privilege of attending global industry events and exchanging ideas with some of the brightest executives from the world of technology. While I may not always agree with these executives and their employers’ perspectives, the discussion is almost always intellectually stimulating.

Too Soon To Celebrate The Judgement On Right To Privacy. Here’s Why.

Albeit the judgement by the 9 judge bench on August 24, 2017, is a landmark judgement, it’s a little too early to celebrate. Despite the tons of chatter on this being a blow to UIDAI, we just cannot be sure yet. Here are a few points to consider.

Google’s Announcement To Intensify Cloud War in Australia & APJ

On June 20, 2017 Google announced the availability of its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Sydney. Per the company, this is their first GCP region in Australia and the fourth in Asia Pacific. This announcement comes in close heels of the company’s recently launched region in Singapore and an upcoming launch in Mumbai, India.

Infosys Governance Row: 10 Points To Ponder

Over the last 24 hours, the Indian IT Industry and media have been abuzz with supposed corporate governance issues at Infosys. Founders have lashed out at Vishal Sikka and the board via a letter that highlights possible corporate governance issues under the new management. While no facts have been presented until now, additional news material was floated this morning with some strong commentary from none other than NR Narayana Murthy himself.

Our Clients Are Transforming, So Are We [Part 1]

2016 was largely a grim year in the history of mankind…if you think I’m exaggerating, read this article from Slate that does great justice to why 2016 leaves behind others as the worst year. Luckily for us at Greyhound Knowledge Group, we came out unscathed…in fact, it has probably been one of our best since inception in April 2013.

About Time Microsoft India Delivers A Yorker

On 1 August 2016, Microsoft announced the joining of Anant Maheshwari as President, Microsoft India from 1 September 2016.

Anant will be replacing current Microsoft India Chairman Bhaskar Pramanik who has held this position for over five years. This announcement comes in close heels to another big ticket departure of Karan Bajwa who recently quit from his post of Managing Director of sales and marketing at Microsoft India to join IBM India to lead strategy.

AWS Announces New Asia Pacific Region – Here’s Why It Matters!

On Tuesday, 28 June 2016, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of its sixth Asia Pacific (APAC) Region in Mumbai, India.

The new AWS Mumbai Region consists of two separate Availability Zones at launch. This news is part of the company’s plan to expand its Asia Pacific footprint wherein it announced the launch of its South Korea (Seoul) Region barely six months ago. It is important to see this announcement in light of other investments that AWS is making broadly in India including technical support centres, investments in partner network among others. Of all key investments, one that is important to note is the 3rd AWS Point of Presence (PoP) in Delhi (after Mumbai and Chennai) for its Content Delivery Network (Amazon CloudFront) and DNS service (Amazon Route 53).

What Brexit Means For CEOs & IT Leaders

On Friday, 24 June 2016, Britain faced a decisive moment when the majority of its population (51.9%) voted in favour of moving out of the European Union (EU).

Why Microsoft Acquired LinkedIn? It’s All About User Insights!

On June 13, 2016 Microsoft announced the agreement to acquire LinkedIn for USD 26.2 billion. Important to note that this is the first big deal under Satya Nadella’s leadership and LinkedIn will continue to operate as an independent company. Albeit this (in theory) will allow more room for innovation, let’s put this announcement in perspective:

The Art of Perfecting Change: My 2 Year Journey at Greyhound Knowledge Group

A little more than 2 years ago I was presented with the opportunity of turn around my career. I received my offer letter from Greyhound Knowledge Group. I was offered to play a dual role – Analyst with Greyhound Research and Engagement Manager with Greyhound Knowledge Group. What then appeared to be an unknown territory turned out to be a goldmine of opportunities.

Taking A Nonconformist Approach To The IT Analyst World

Last week I was with posed a question for the nth time – probably the 50th time since launching Greyhound Research 3 years ago – and it prompted me to formally pen down my thoughts. This question is not new for me and I sort of expect it with those who are yet to get acquainted with our ethos:

 “Like your peers, why don’t you not have reports that benchmark vendors?”

Avoid BI Failure: Dispel Myths for Risk-Free Solution Deployment

While Business Intelligence (BI) is fast becoming a top priority for most businesses, achieving Return on Investment (RoI) through BI implementation still remains a big challenge for CIOs. Though many CIOs plan to invest in BI going forward, most of them fear BI failure.

Preventive Healthcare For Your Pet

Founded in 2012, PetPace brings you preventive healthcare for pets through a smart collar with sensors, which monitors vital parameters of your pet.

Discover A Fitter You With Jawbone UP3

Unveiled on November 4 2014, Jawbone UP3 is a health and fitness wristband, which relies on multiple sensors and a tri-axis accelerometer to collect and analyse your health data to give you insight into your heart health, sleep patterns, calories burnt and more.

Disturbed Sleep Now A Thing Of The Past With Rest Bed Elements Of Rest

Unveiled on 6 January 2015 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, The ReST Bed is a smart mattress that customises your sleep experience. The ReST Bed’s main components include a patented pressure sensing smart fabric, below which are embedded 18 air chambers, which connect to a silent air pump controlled by a microprocessor. 

Eyes On Road. Hands On Wheel. Drive Safe With Android Auto.

Released on March 19 2015, Android Auto aims to minimise distraction while driving by extending functionality of your Android mobile device to your automobile’s dashboard unit. While Android Auto is voice-driven, it can also be operated via your car’s touchscreen display unit and with knobs and buttons that control your car’s display unit.

Driving Revenue In The Face Of Digital Transformation – A CSO Directive

Digital disruption is allowing customers to engage with organisations through new-age customer touch points like mobile devices, app stores and online communities. Traditional go-to-market channels like retail stores are being replaced by new-age digital channels such as mCommerce and eCommerce and eroding traditional business models.

For example, AirBnB, a hospitality aggregator holds a valuation of USD 24 billion, ranking only 3rd after the Hilton and Marriott group of hotels.

The Insight-Led Approach To Talent Processes – Points To Ponder for CHROs

The correlation between employee engagement and organisational success is a no-brainer. Over decades while Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) have automated processes that translate to improved employee performance, they continue to search better ways to motivate employees. The need to align their team to organisational goals and be counted as a strategic advisor to the management continue to be some of the long standing struggles of CHROs.

Delivering Customer Experiences That Bring Home The Dollars – A CMO’s Guidebook

To serve a growing customer base and better manage customer experience across all touch points, organisations are increasingly moving away from siloed Systems of Transaction in favour of contextual Systems of Engagement. These new systems are expected to help marketers manage experiences on non-traditional customer touch points like mobile devices, application marketplaces and online communities.

Making Cloud Work For Your Organisation – Questions CIOs Must Ask

Cloud Computing as a service provisioning mechanism is graduating to become a mainstay option for organisations. Despite skepticism, CIOs are exploring, pilot testing or using in production Cloud offerings in some form or shape. Earlier touted to be only popular with startups and small and medium businesses, Cloud offerings now meet the criteria of enterprise IT and are also supported by traditional IT vendors like IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle among others.

Redefining The Supply Chain Paradigm – A New COO Diktat

In order to remain competitive and secure earnings growth, organisations are looking at both process automation and newer technology systems to redefine their supply chain. The Board of Directors in most organisations expect this change to be led by the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The New-Age Fundamentals of Technology Cost Analysis: A CFO Handbook

The constant state of flux in world economies is changing the status quo for organisations; most importantly the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Per a recent Greyhound Research study titled, Emerging Markets CFO Priorities 2016, nearly 80% CFOs in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) regions expect to investigate ways to turn asset-light over the next 12 months. Twitter_logo_blue

Rebooting Growth In New-World Equilibrium: CEO Holy Grail To Managing Disruption

With organisations grappling with modest growth prospects, expectations from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has come under scrutiny.

In addition to sluggish growth in matured markets, CEOs are now faced with a new-world equilibrium where growth can be expected from emerging markets like India and China and newer technology-led incumbents are eating into the market share.

These incumbents are not only using latest technology systems to erode traditional business models but redefining customer experiences. This is adding pressure on traditional organisations to follow suit.

Jewellery That Combines Smart With Style Cuff Wearables

Based in San Francisco, CUFF is a start-up that offers a line of smart accessories. Its collection includes necklaces, bracelets and key chains suitable for both men and women. At the heart of the entire range is the CUFF smart module, a small black device that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Convert Your Home Into A Smart Home With Home Seer

Looking to convert your home into a smart home? Consider home control systems from a company called HomeSeer. The company uses Z-wave technology to automate almost everything in your home right from lights, appliances, garage doors, water valves to irrigation systems. You can customise your home environment and create automated routines.

Smart Collar For Your Smart Dog Buddy By Squeaker

Created by Squeaker, a pet products company in Australia, Buddy is a smart collar to track your dog’s activity and ensure its safety. Buddy integrates GPS, Bluetooth and a range of sensors to enable you to track the location of your pet through your smartphone. You can connect Buddy with your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth. Just download the Buddy app onto your device and you are all set.

Your Personal-Cum-Fitness Assistant Now On Your Wrist Microsoft Band 2

Unveiled on 6 October 2015, Microsoft Band 2 is the second generation of smart fitness wearable Microsoft Band released last year. From a pure visual perspective, the new band has an improved design with a silver metallic finish instead of plastic in the earlier version. Thanks to Band 2’s curved AMOLED display, which comes covered with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, the new band fits the natural curve of your wrist more comfortably. As per Microsoft’s official blog, they have paid heed to feedback from customers to deliver a comfortable band.

Bid Adieu To Distracted Driving With Apple Carplay

Announced in March 2014 at the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple CarPlay allows safe usage of iPhone while driving through built-in display of your car. Designed for a hands-free experience, CarPlay allows drivers to make calls, return missed calls, send and read messages, get directions using Apple Maps and listen to music with just a voice command or a touch on the car’s built-in display.

Say Hello To Your New Chauffeur

On 14 October 2015 Tesla Motors released its software version 7.0 which adds muscle to Tesla’s Autopilot suite offered in Model S (and recently delivered Model X). Released in beta through an over-the-air software update, Tesla’s Autopilot relies on radar, cameras, GPS and ultrasonic sensors.

#GreyhoundCorridors: @GreyhoundGroup Invests To Become The Most Trusted Brand In Global Research & Advisory

At Greyhound Knowledge Group our endeavour has always been to create disruptive yet transformational impressions. At the beginning of the year, we embarked on an ambitious journey which was code-named as Project Catapult. As part of this, we have been making one key announcement (at least) every month. Over the year we have seen it come to fruition, and yesterday was one of our pinnacle points since the launch of Project Catapult. We are happy to share some major announcements from the house of Greyhound.

#GreyhoundCorridors: The ONLY Times You Will Hear Us Say – Thanks, But No Thanks!

One of the biggest fears business owners have is the fear of saying NO to a client or any other stakeholder that they perceive as critical for their survival. These fears are paramount when the business is in its infancy or of a size that can be at best described as marginal.

If I’m being honest, I’ve lived through most of these fears myself. I have vivid memories of those sleepless nights where I have toiled with a few questions where the only answer was saying NO to a certain business deal or a candidate that seemed ideal.

Office 2016 – A New Chapter In Microsoft’s History

On September 22, 2015, Microsoft announced the launch of it’s new office, Office 2016. This is a significant announcement post the launch of Windows 10 which has been touted to be the company’s last official Operating System. Over and beyond the ongoing tracking of productivity suites, the Greyhound Research team has also spent time over the past month running pilots across different devices and operating systems. Below is a quick summary of our observations.

#GreyhoundCorridors: On Organisational Culture & How Things Get Done

Every organisation has its unique culture – essentially a way of ‘how things get done’. While in most organisations it’s a reflection of belief systems of those on the top, there are others who truly embrace and work with an open-door policy and allow its people to influence (if not define) the culture, policies and the signature style. Greyhound Knowledge Group belongs to the latter set of organisations that have made a conscious effort to allow it’s rockstars to influence the manner in which we operate. Let me explain this a bit more in detail.

Partners In Sleep, You And Beddit

In May 2015, Beddit announced the launch of Beddit Smart, its new low energy compatible sleep monitor. The Beddit Smart sensor is based on Ballistocardiography (BCG). Stick it to your mattress, and its ultra-thin force sensors will measure your sleep activity such as Sleep Time, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Snoring among others, without you having to wear any sensors.