Blackberry Acquires Goods – End Of Rough Or The Final Nail?

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On September 04, 2015, Blackberry announced the acquisition of Good Technology for US$ 425 million in cash. This is a significant announcement given the looming doubts on the future of Blackberry and the increasing presence of its competitors in the Enterprise Mobility Management space. Below is a quick summary of some of my latest tweets with key high-level analysis on the announcement.

#GredyhoundStandpoint 1 – Blackberry is serious about the change to become a software firm and focus on its key strengths

#GredyhoundStandpoint 2 – With Good, Blackberry is intending to serve the end-to-end opportunity in Enterprise Mobile Management spanning Devices, Applications & Data Across Devices – Particularly The iOS and Android Ecosystem

#GredyhoundStandpoint 3 – This acquisition will increase chances for Blackberry in Enterprise deals and particularly against key competition like MobileIron, AirWatch and MaaS360.

#GredyhoundStandpoint 4 – But then, not all is hunky dory. Blackberry and Good both lack the much needed muscle to provide Global Managed Services – a key component in enterprise deals

#GredyhoundStandpoint 5 – This announcement will weigh specifically for end-user organizations that are juggling between a significant Android user base and the need for enterprise-grade security for their enterprise mobility programs. While there are rumours of Blackberry coming up with Android devices, Good signed up a partnership with Samsung in February 2014 to offer secure container and apps on KNOX-enabled devices.

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