#CounterpunchWithSVG E05: IBM Says It Can Secure The Modern Enterprise But I Had Qs

Catch Matthew Glitzer, Vice President, IBM Security, Asia Pacific in an exclusive conversation with Sanchit Vir Gogia (SVG), Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research on our executive dialogue series, #CounterpunchWithSVG. This series is about sharp, honest, and unfiltered conversations. The format is…

A Host Of Troubles For OYO

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WeWork Is Only Making Life Harder For Lockdown-Hit Indian Startups

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Startups Like WeWork And Oyo Are Learning The Language Of Profitability The Hard Way

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Redefining The Supply Chain Paradigm – A New COO Diktat

In order to remain competitive and secure earnings growth, organisations are looking at both process automation and newer technology systems to redefine their supply chain. The Board of Directors in most organisations expect this change to be led by the…

Questions CIOs Often Ask On Master Data Management

Enterprises from across the globe continue to wrestle with data expansion proliferating in terms of size, complexity and sources. In order to support this, IT teams are investing in IT systems to keep up with Data Quality (DQ) – whether delivered…

Questions CIOs Often Ask On Cloud Security

A discussion with IT leaders and managers on cloud security is always an interesting one. While I’ve had the pleasure of having multiple such discussions over the last 2-3 years, the roundtable I chaired during the recent NASSCOM India Leadership…