Preventive Healthcare For Your Pet

Founded in 2012, PetPace brings you preventive healthcare for pets through a smart collar with sensors, which monitors vital parameters of your pet.

Smart Collar For Your Smart Dog Buddy By Squeaker

Created by Squeaker, a pet products company in Australia, Buddy is a smart collar to track your dog’s activity and ensure its safety. Buddy integrates GPS, Bluetooth and a range of sensors to enable you to track the location of your pet through your smartphone. You can connect Buddy with your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth. Just download the Buddy app onto your device and you are all set.

Track Them Paws And Keep Them Healthy: WhistleLabs Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker

In Jan 2015, Tagg (now acquired by Whistle) announced the launch of Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker. Attach it to your pet’s collar or harness to track location (uses GPS and cellular network in the US) and monitor activity. You can set safe zones around your home and receive alerts if your pet strays too far. You can get alerts for notable health changes.