Hybrid IT Expected To Help Deliver On The Digital Transformation Promise

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The Rise Of Practo Technologies

The healthcare industry has been dominated by technology providers like Dell, Philips, Siemens and GE. As important as their systems and machines were in capturing ailments and creating healthcare records, patient information was not meticulously maintained. Data was still being captured on paper and data would be dumped in an electronic database, which would be cleaned every six months. So there was no real time information available on previously treated patients. This was a business opportunity waiting to be taken up and several Indian startups have jumped into this. But one startup has become one of the most valued healthcare startups in the country.

Disturbed Sleep Now A Thing Of The Past With Rest Bed Elements Of Rest

Unveiled on 6 January 2015 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, The ReST Bed is a smart mattress that customises your sleep experience. The ReST Bed’s main components include a patented pressure sensing smart fabric, below which are embedded 18 air chambers, which connect to a silent air pump controlled by a microprocessor.