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Founded in April 2013, Greyhound Research is a Global, Award-Winning, Technology & Innovation Research & Advisory firm. The company was born on the back of the success of our technology insights portal, As Disruptive As IT Gets that was rated at number 10 in the top 20 global resources for Business IT leaders and as one of the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs across the globe! To read more about us, visit our company blog, Greyhound Corridors, read the company news and most importantly, read what our community has to say about us.

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Sanchit Vir Gogia

Sanchit Vir Gogia, or SVG as he is popularly known as, is a man of many layers. In his professional life, SVG is a globally recognised technology and innovation analyst, digital transformation consultant and corporate board advisor. He is also a renowned author with a following of over 150,000, a keynote speaker at global forums, a serial entrepreneur who started his first firm at the age of 16, and an angel investor in early-stage startups that he mentors on technology, product, pricing, go-to-market and more.

Greyhound Advisory Board

Greyhound Research has come a long way since its inception in April 2013. In addition to being ranked in the top 10 analyst firms of the world, we’ve garnered a subscriber base of 150,000+ CxO readers from across the globe. To become a better version of us, we have handpicked a select few and highly accomplished professionals to join the Greyhound Advisory Board. These individuals help us with critique and advice to help us punch above our weight.

Chief Fun Officer

We have a real-life hound who is one of our Founders…she is called Misty! Apart from being the inspiration for the company brand, Misty also serves as our Chief Fun Officer – yes, she believes in having some serious fun! To check her out – click here. Misty is the binding soul of Greyhound Research and there are things we learn from her that help us break out of our monotonies and beat the stress. Here’s how Misty has helped us in our journey so far…