Greyhound Startup Garage

Get access to data, insights, and advise. Tailored for startups and growth companies.

Running a technology startup or a growth company is exciting but also riddled with constant confusions and challenges. While a lean structure and organisational agility help improve time to market, it also means decisions need to be made quicker, with more accuracy and ahead of peers. This is no easy feat given the constant need to balance revenue generation and investment in new initiatives.

We at Greyhound Research understand this well. We believe what decision-makers at startups and growth companies need are independent and relevant insights and ongoing advice that helps create tangible outcomes for the business. But our experience also tells us that not all startups and growth companies have the resources to access these insights and advice. Hence, we’ve launched the Greyhound Startup Garage, a program where we work closely with technology startups and growth companies and invest in their growth.

Here are 10 areas where Greyhound Research can support technology startups and growth companies:

Market Intelligence

Ongoing intelligence about end-user demands, pricing, emerging market trends, competitive products, new age technologies among other things.

Strategic Advisory

Inputs on strategic areas like GTM, Technology stack choices, future product investments, new product features among other things.

Market Recognition


Market Evangelism


Ecosystem Evangelism


Investor Outreach


Marketing Advisory

Demand Generation

Content Support

Contractual Flexibility

To know more about this program, please connect with our Client Centricity Team.