Our Clients Are Transforming, So Are We [Part 1]

2016 was largely a grim year in the history of mankind…if you think I’m exaggerating, read this article from Slate that does great justice to why 2016 leaves behind others as the worst year. Luckily for us at Greyhound Knowledge Group, we came out unscathed…in fact, it has probably been one of our best since inception in April 2013.

The Art of Perfecting Change: My 2 Year Journey at Greyhound Knowledge Group

A little more than 2 years ago I was presented with the opportunity of turn around my career. I received my offer letter from Greyhound Knowledge Group. I was offered to play a dual role – Analyst with Greyhound Research and Engagement Manager with Greyhound Knowledge Group. What then appeared to be an unknown territory turned out to be a goldmine of opportunities.

One Small Step For Me, One Giant Leap For #WorkforceTech

It’s not often that one comes across a young, new-age Research & Advisory firm which does not believe in pay-to-play, but dares to say things as they are.

Taking A Nonconformist Approach To The IT Analyst World

Last week I was with posed a question for the nth time – probably the 50th time since launching Greyhound Research 3 years ago – and it prompted me to formally pen down my thoughts. This question is not new for me and I sort of expect it with those who are yet to get acquainted with our ethos:

 “Like your peers, why don’t you not have reports that benchmark vendors?”

#GreyhoundCorridors: @GreyhoundGroup Invests To Become The Most Trusted Brand In Global Research & Advisory

At Greyhound Knowledge Group our endeavour has always been to create disruptive yet transformational impressions. At the beginning of the year, we embarked on an ambitious journey which was code-named as Project Catapult. As part of this, we have been making one key announcement (at least) every month. Over the year we have seen it come to fruition, and yesterday was one of our pinnacle points since the launch of Project Catapult. We are happy to share some major announcements from the house of Greyhound.

#GreyhoundCorridors: The ONLY Times You Will Hear Us Say – Thanks, But No Thanks!

One of the biggest fears business owners have is the fear of saying NO to a client or any other stakeholder that they perceive as critical for their survival. These fears are paramount when the business is in its infancy or of a size that can be at best described as marginal.

If I’m being honest, I’ve lived through most of these fears myself. I have vivid memories of those sleepless nights where I have toiled with a few questions where the only answer was saying NO to a certain business deal or a candidate that seemed ideal.

#GreyhoundCorridors: On Organisational Culture & How Things Get Done

Every organisation has its unique culture – essentially a way of ‘how things get done’. While in most organisations it’s a reflection of belief systems of those on the top, there are others who truly embrace and work with an open-door policy and allow its people to influence (if not define) the culture, policies and the signature style. Greyhound Knowledge Group belongs to the latter set of organisations that have made a conscious effort to allow it’s rockstars to influence the manner in which we operate. Let me explain this a bit more in detail.

#GreyhoundCorridors: And We’ve Hit Another Home Run!

And We've Hit Yet Another Home Run

On August 12, 2015, we at Greyhound Knowledge Group hit the BIG 100! Our reader base crossed the 100,000 mark. Spread across more than 100 countries, these readers are a mix of business and technology leaders who depend on us as their daily source of insights on a variety of topics. From our humble beginnings nearly 30 months ago (April 2013), the team has achieved quite a feat. Let’s take a brisk walk through the memory lane.

#GreyhoundCorridors: Why We Matter To The IT Analyst Landscape – An Update From Greyhound Research

Recently, Greyhound Research has been recognised by a senior Analyst Relations professional, Dave Noble, as one of the upcoming Analyst firms.  While this recognition is surely a feather in our cap and we are humbled on Dave’s decision to include us in the list, we are not letting this and other accolades go to our head. We remain committed to being a new-age IT Analyst firm with innovative offerings and robust processes.

#GreyhoundCorridors: Doing Away with Monday Blues the Greyhound way! – #MondayMorningsAtGKG

At Greyhound Knowledge Group we like doing things differently and remodeling traditions to make our own. June saw us starting an all-new tradition here at the HQ – #MondayMorningsAtGKG. Over time we realised that Monday mornings were becoming synonymous to grumpy faces, no interaction and whole lot of coffee – we wanted to change this.

#GreyhoundCorridors: Making #Research Work for Your Organization #Marketing #Consulting

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

As opposed to popular belief that market research is losing relevance in face of the abundance of available data, the truth is actually reverse. While there are multiple data sources, the challenge lies in filtering what is relevant to your organization and the business problem at hand.

#GreyhoundCorridors: #GreyhoundTurns2 – Yes, Time Flies. And How!

As I sit here in Mumbai sipping coffee this morning, I am reminded of my time 2 years ago. All I had to myself (no exaggerations on this one), was a single-man company that of course, found enough and more critiques (you’ll know if you were one of them) who rubbished the need for yet another analyst firm. Fast forward two years to today, most of these critiques are now friends, if not clients yet. And as they say, rest is history.

Things You Need To Know About #ONTrigger

What is #ONTrigger and What we aim to do with it?

We at Greyhound strongly believe in the need to democratise independent insights (read not vendor sponsored) that matter most to the global IT community. To help realise this, we have taken a bold step of starting a knowledge-sharing, executive-dialogue series called #ONTrigger.

We Owe This To You: Greyhound Research Ranked 2 In APJ & Top 10 Globally In #AFOTY14

Yes, we owe this to you dear clients, colleagues, partners and friends! We have been ranked second best analyst firm in Asia Pacific by Influencer Relations. The ranking is an outcome of the annual Analyst Value Survey organized by London-based Kea Company, the leading voice on analyst relations across the globe.

#GreyhoundCorridors: Greyhound CEO Sanchit Vir Gogia Says Analysts Need To Keep Their Heads On Their Shoulders

In the latest Coffee Talk webinar (hereGreyhound founder Sanchit Vir Gogia talks about the way his business has focussed research on specific client needs like IT strategy, sales and marketing. The Springboard and Forrester alumnus also places the three Greyhound businesses in context, and how they reinforce each other. He gives great examples of helping the CEO of a major cosmetics company to connect customer satisfaction with IT, using inventory management to drive better outcomes, and of helping an IT services firm to decide where to locate its offices. The Greyhound Golden Gate is also explained: it’s their community for over 100 of Asia’s most innovative IT buyers.

#GreyhoundCorridors: An Internship That Challenges Your Present And Shapes Your Future

Name: Priyanka Chugh / Course: English Honors Graduate, Delhi University

An internship is the stepping stone for a student into the real world. After experiencing college life and immersing deep in theory, it was time for me to enter the real world.  I joined the Greyhound Turner Program about a month ago to put theories to test and learn the ropes of corporate life.

#GreyhoundCorridors: Busting The Myths of Internship

Name:  Akshay Massey, 1st year BMS / College: Wilson College, Mumbai

I just completed my first year as a BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) student and was on the lookout for work experience during my vacations which would help me understand my course more efficiently. I started to intern here at the Greyhound Knowledge Group about a month ago and it’s been a great opportunity to sharpen my professional skills.

#GreyhoundCorridors: That Was the Year…That Was #GreyhoundTurns1

2013 was indeed the year that really was! It was the year when a dream nurtured over years finally came into being. In the words of one of our rockstars, “it was the year when baby steps turned into giant leaps”.

#GreyhoundCorridors: And We’ve Reached A Milestone!

As a follow-up to my previous post where I shared an update within a month of launching the website, I wanted to take this opportunity to share significant news with all of you.

#GreyhoundCorridors: Quick Update And a Note of Thanks.

It’s been a month I’ve acquired this space in the online world and I wanted to share an update with my friends, well-wishers and all others who I don’t know personally but have viewed by website. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the support, encouragement, and most importantly critique that has helped me sharpen focus. To say the least, it’s been an interesting month, not to mention the countless sleepless nights and the red-eyed mornings 😉