SoftBank Shows Interest In Snapdeal Might Lead $100 Million Funding Round

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Snapdeal 2.0 Faces A New World Order In Indian eCommerce

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Snapdeal Nearly Died – Here’s How It Didn’t

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Snapdeal Ends Merger Talks With Flipkart; To Go Solo

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Will Snapdeal Turn Lucky In Its 2nd Avatar?

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India’s Snapdeal Calls Off Sale Talks With Rival Flipkart

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如果 Flipkart 和 Snapdeal 合并失败,将对印度电商市场带来什么影响?

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Axis Bank buys FreeCharge for USD 60 Million

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Flipkart Aims To Bag Snapdeal For $400M

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Why Flipkart Needs More Than SoftBank To Take On Amazon

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Snapdeal Pay Hike: Face-Saving Gimmick Or Bid To Retain Talent?

Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd, which runs online marketplace Snapdeal, is reportedly giving out pay hikes of up to 15% to its employees even as talks of its merger with India’s biggest e-commerce company Flipkart are fast progressing. Sanchit Vir Gogia,…

India’s E-Commerce Groups Urge To Stop Alibaba

A decade after allowing Amazon to start what would become India's largest online marketplace, Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal appealed for government protection against his former employer. "Alibaba could approach the e-commerce unit as a complement to Paytm's core business, hoping…

How Start-Ups Die Plop!

Start-ups, the playfield of the young and the restless, have had a hard reality check. Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & CEO, Greyhound Knowledge Group, calls 2016 “a year of anxi­ety” for Indian start-ups, with “a much-needed mar­ket correction” that saw…

The Metric That Indian Startups Once Swore By Is Now Being Blamed For All The Sector’s Ills

Till a few years ago, profitability received the step-child treatment from Indian e-commerce entrepreneurs. “While startups did extremely well by using their public relations muscle to ensure that GMV becomes the industry’s darling, it’s no more than a cover up…

Here’s The Scary Truth: Almost Every Major Indian Startup Has Made The Same Mistakes As Snapdeal

India’s bustling startup ecosystem is in a state of hysteria as e-commerce major Snapdeal implodes. “I believe other startups will follow suit and by March more layoffs will be announced in other firms. There isn’t any choice. Companies will have…

Are Job Cuts At Snapdeal A Precursor To Its Merger With Alibaba And Paytm?

If Snapdeal follows the rule of the game, the company would deny any kind of merger talks with rival Paytm, or with investor Alibaba, unless a deal is concluded, at least verbally. “It will offer a new lease of life…

India’s 3rd Biggest E-Commerce Firm Snapdeal Is Cutting 600 Jobs, And There Could Be More To Come

The e-commerce industry in India has received another blow. On Wednesday, India’s third biggest e-commerce firm Snapdeal announced that it will be laying off employees. Though the company refrained from giving out exact numbers of people to be given the…

Tony Navin Quits Snapdeal In A Series Of Top-Level Exits

Top-level exits continue at Snapdeal, India’s third largest e-commerce company, as Tony Navin, head of partnerships and strategic investments, decided to move on after a seven-year stint. Navin’s exit comes in quick succession of two other bigwigs -- Abhishek Kumar…

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal Losses Could Have Paid For Printing Notes After Demonetisation

Funded by foreign investors and parent companies, India’s leading e-commerce firms -- Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal -- have increased its losses by 51% in just one year to Rs 11,754 crore, to fund growth and dole out discounts to gain…

Losses of Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal would have allowed ISRO to go to Mars 24 times

At Rs 11, 754 crore, the combine losses of ecommerce majors Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal is almost equal to the annual budget of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). "To be able to curtail losses, it is critical for these…


据美国石英网12月27日报道,亚洲第三大经济体印度的电子商务零售商正努力弥补企业亏损。 据报道,在投资者投入百万资金后期待回报之际,Flipkart、亚马逊等电商企业采取积极投放广告和打折促销的方式来吸引消费者。但截止2016年3月31日的年度财务报告显示,许多在线零售商虽然收入大幅增长,但是亏损也在增加。 “我对这些亏损不是太担忧,”研究咨询公司“Greyhound Research”首席分析师兼首席执行官Sanchit Vir Gogia说,“我真正担心的是这些公司的产品质量以及管理。比如说,如果他们的产品销售额增加了,那么生产成本也会增加,从而导致亏损,这种情况是让我非常担心的。” [Source1] | [Source2] | [Source3] | [Source4] | [Source5] | [Source6] | [Source7] | [Source8] | [Source9] | [Source10] | [Source11] | [Source12] | [Source13]

Funds Dried Up And Valuations Fell: The Year That Was For Startups

The biggest change for technology startups came on November 8, when the government announced its decision to ban currency notes of Rs 500 and 1,000. Suddenly technology became a large driver for commerce. While retail sales in pockets dropped up…

The New Era Of Startups

The startup ecosystem has become a hot topic for all and sundry. They have taken off and matured because of various factors such as availability of funding, consolidation activities by a number of firms, evolving technology space and a burgeoning…

For All Their Stellar Sales Figures, India’s E-commerce Firms Are Also Struggling With Mounting Losses

E-tailers in Asia’s third-largest economy are in fix. With investors demanding results after pouring in millions worth of funding, companies such as Flipkart and Amazon have resorted to aggressive advertising and discounting to attract customers. But while that has paid…

Impact Of Flipkart’s Devaluation On Indian Startups: Insights By Greyhound Research On CNBC TV18

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SoftBank Group Writes Down $555 Million In Ola, Snapdeal Investments

Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. has written down as much as 58.1 billion yen ($555 million) in two of its biggest investments in India, cab-hailing firm Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd) and e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal (Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd), the company…


往年的节日大促中,印度电商狂打“价格战”,商品价格甚至低至1卢布。今年,资本寒冬和政策变动让印度电商的日子不太好过,玩好十月开始的大促季显得困难重重。作者 | 路遥印度的销售旺季一般从10月拉开帷幕,到排灯节(每年10月或11月中)左右达到最高峰。往年,印度电商都会用巨额折扣吸引消费者,但今年三月印度出台的电商新政禁止电商打折促销,扰乱市场价格。 咨询公司Greyhound Research的首席研究员 Sanchit Vir Gogia表示:“今年各大电商都在改进技术,备战节日促销。希望他们今年别再犯同一个错误了。” 今年,Flipkart和Snapdeal的官网大促从10月2日开始到10月6日结束,拉长的促销日或许能让他们控制好网站流量。 重重束缚在身,今年印度电商该如何在节日促销旺季突出重围?Quartz建议,印度电商不妨尝试将高利润和低利润的商品混搭销售。Gogia认为:“消费者可能会见到不少品牌类混搭。电商平台会将服务绑定产品,以确保获得利润。” Source: |

What will Indian E-Commerce Companies Do To Win This Festive Season?

On October 2, leading Indian e-commerce companies will kickstart their annual festive season sales. The three months starting October are crucial for both offline and online retailers in India as they account for some 40% of the annual consumer durables…

Snapdeal将采取自营模式 追赶Flipkart和亚马逊

核心提示: 印度电商巨头Snapdeal将采取自营模式,由母公司Jasper Infotech Pvt旗下的子公司E-Agility Solutions Pvt负责这一自营模式。该举措与Snapdeal现在作为第三方电商平台的策略大为不同。此外,近日通过部署10万个核的OpenStack,Snapdeal获得成本降低、性能提升的好处。 Greyhound Research公司首席分析师桑切特·维尔·戈吉亚(Sanchit Vir Gogia)此前表示,“近几年,Snapdeal一直面临着身份认同的危机。Flipkart的优势是自主开发的强大的物流基础设施。亚马逊拥有多年的经验和雄厚的财力。但Snapdeal连物流问题都没解决,它会因为生态系统的缺失而尝到苦头。” Source: |

Snapdeal Turns Into Your Shopping Assistant To Survive E-commerce Battle

In order to break away from the herd of e-commerce players who fight on discounts, faster delivery and selection, Snapdeal wants to be your shopping assistant. “Kunal (Bahl) has shown very progressive mindset by proposing the use of predictive and…