The Race To Build An Indian Social Network

Over the past three months, home-grown variants of short-video social networking apps have cruised through some unusual times. Border tensions and #BoycottChina campaigns had already resulted in a steady uptick in their user base. And then came the ban on 59…

Why Microsoft Closed Its Experiential Stores

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Engagement, User Experience Critical For Homegrown Apps To Succeed

The ban on 59 apps with Chinese links has opened up opportunities for homegrown players to accelerate growth but they will have to ensure good user experience and engagement on their platforms to be successful, according to industry analysts.  …

Ban On ‘Made-in-China’ Apps Gives India’s TikTok Rivals A Boost

India's decision to ban 59 'made-in-China' apps is proving a blessing to local software developers, especially alternatives to video-sharing social networking service TikTok, which until the ban had 200 million users in the country.   Some experts, however, see challenges…

Google-Reliance Partnership Heats Up Indian eCommerce Race

TOKYO -- Google's surprise decision announced on July 15 to invest $4.5 billion into Jio Platforms, the digital business arm of India's biggest family-owned conglomerate Reliance Industries, has so far not been accompanied by any announcement on Google's role in Reliance's…

Reliance Likely To Acquire TikTok In India For $5 billion

India's most valuable company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is reportedly the latest bidder for the Bytedance-owned TikTok in India. The Mukesh Ambani-led firm had begun talks last month with the Chinese firm to acquire its operations in India. The deal…

Does Acquiring TikTok In India Make Sense For RIL?

Reliance Industries Ltd could gain a deeper connection with consumers by acquiring TikTok in India, but its existing strategic partnership with Facebook — which owns Instagram — could put the deal under the scrutiny of the Competition Commission of India,…

Is Reliance Jio Shaping the Future of Digital India?

India’s struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped the deal making spree at Reliance Industries. As the country slows down, Mukesh Ambani’s conglomerate by sales and market capitalization has only seemed to speed up. In fact, some critics point out that Reliance…

What Next For Cash-Rich Jio?

Raising $15 billion through 11 deals over three-months in a normal environment is impressive for any company. But, doing it during a global pandemic when stock markets are fluctuating, confidence in investing is low and the effects of said pandemic…

Reliance-Owned Jio Platforms To Beef Up Its Capabilities With Qualcomm’s Investment

Jio Platforms, the digital arm of India’s largest conglomerate Reliance Industries, which has raised USD 15.7 billion in the last 12 weeks from 11 high-profile investors, has got American chipset maker Qualcomm as its newest backer. According to Sanchit Vir…

Jio Ready With 5G Solution, Ropes In Google For Affordable Smartphone

Mukesh Ambani unveiled his blueprint to build a complete technology ecosystem around Jio Platforms that includes developing India’s first 5G network solutions and affordable 4G smartphones in partnership with global giants such as Facebook, Qualcomm, Intel and Google. "The decision…

Google To Invest Rs 33,737 Crore For 7.73% Stake In Jio Platforms

Reliance Industries (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Wednesday announced a strategic partnership with Google and development of in-house 5G solutions, in a bid to win over new customers and create a platform for future growth. "The decision by Google to invest in Jio is a…

For Home Grown 5G, RJio Bets On Free Platform Open RAN

Mukesh Ambani’s plans to build home-grown 5G network solution is based on an open source telecom platform called Open RAN. This network platform, similar to how open source software became a game changer in the 1990s, attempts to build telecom…

From Jio Glass To 5G Network, Reliance’s New Announcements Hint At Its Ambition To Dominate Everything Digital

When Mukesh Ambani—the world’s sixth-richest person—and chairman and managing director of India’s largest conglomerate, Reliance, made a slew of big announcements during the company’s 43rd annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, his message was clear: Reliance would dominate everything digital, including 5G, smartphones,…

Mukesh Ambani Gave Google And Facebook A Discount On Reliance Jio Stake ⁠— Here’s Why

During the Reliance Annual General Meeting, Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced that Google has invested ₹33,737 crore in Jio Platforms for a 7.7% stake. Google became the second largest investor in Jio after Facebook which has a 9.9% stake in the…

Google Invests In India’s Red-Hot Jio Platforms To Build Cheap Cellphones

On Wednesday, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited Mukesh Ambani announced that Google will invest $4.5 billion to take a 7.7% stake in Jio Platforms, the telecoms and digital arm of Ambani’s vast Reliance conglomerate. "This is a marriage of equals and hence of massive possibilities,"…

Panic Buying By Online Shoppers Holds Up BigBasket’s Deliveries

Ria Bhattacharya, 36, a resident of south Kolkata, decided to order groceries in bulk from online grocer BigBasket in the middle of March, barely a few days after she had stocked up on monthly provisions. “There is a category of…

This Time, Microsoft Will Ensure ‘Cloud’ Is Not Just A Pie In The Sky

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Nadella Pins Hopes On Jio Partnership To Help Propel India Forward

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Digital Businesses Lead India, Says Microsoft’s Maheshwari

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Microsoft CEO Nadella To Woo India Inc With Tech To Drive Transformation

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Microsoft’s Nadella To Engage With Indian Industry, Government During Visit

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Microsoft Azure Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Cloud, Not Just A Knife

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Uber Eats Failed Because It Couldn’t Customise: Swiggy COO

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Uber Reversed Out Of Food Tech And Drove Straight Into Fintech

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Food Fight Set To Heat Up As Zomato Buys Uber Eats In India

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With UberEats In The Bag, Zomato Breaches Swiggy’s Stronghold On Food-Delivery Business In South India

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Microsoft Reports More Than $1 Billion In India Revenue

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The Tech-tonic Shift That Is Helping Retailers Run Business Better

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Large BPM Firms Ride Digital Data Analytics Wave

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