Google Eyes Smart Feature Phones Segment Yet Again

Google is back exploring the Indian semi-urban and rural market with its revamped cheap smartphone programme. In its first attempt in 2014, the internet giant had partnered with Micromax, Karbonn and Lava to roll out the devices under its Android One initiative. Analysts and experts were, however, of the opinion that the initiative not only failed to provide the value proposition for the customer, but the company also lacked proper marketing initiatives.

Apple iPhone 7 256GB Variant Discontinued To Boost iPhone 8 Sales

Apple has discontinued what has often been called the “best iPhone model” — iPhone 7 256GB. In fact, reports suggest that Apple might have stopped selling this variant of the iPhone 7 on the same day as the iPhone 8 was launched – September 12. The move is hardly surprising, and Apple is keen to push sales of its newest offering that has had a slow uptick thus far. Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus have a 256GB variant, but ever since they launched, it is the iPhone 7 that has benefited most.

The Google-HTC deal is good for Google, bad news for Apple and Samsung: Analysts

Google’s announcement that it would acquire the bulk of HTC’s smartphone research and design division came as a surprise, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Sanchit Vir Gogia & Anshoo Nandwaani on GSMA AMO Awards 2017 Judging Panel

Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO Greyhound Research & Anshoo Nandwaani, VP and Principal Analyst, Greyhound Research are part of the esteemed judging panel of GSMA Asia Mobile Awards 2017 or AMO Awards 2017.

Reliance Jio और Google “चुपचाप” कर रहें हैं, ‘सस्ते 4G एंड्राइड स्मार्टफोन’ के निर्माण का प्रयास

अपने लॉन्च के बाद से अब तक Reliance Jio ने 100 मिलियन से अधिक उपयोगकर्ताओं के साथ भारत के सबसे बड़े 4G टेलीकॉम नेटवर्क में से एक बनने का शानदार सफ़र तय किया है | लेकिन इसके बावजूद कंपनी अब एक बजट 4G एंड्रॉइड स्मार्टफोन लॉन्च करके बाजार में अपनी पहुंच बढ़ाने की उम्मीद कर रही है | लेकिन ऐसा माना जा रहा है कि यह कार्य ‘गुप्त रूप से’ Google के साथ मिलकर किया जा रहा है, ताकि इस स्मार्टफोन में सिर्फ़ कंपनी द्वारा प्रदान की जाने वाली 4G सेवाओं का ही आनंद लिया जा सके |

En halv million nye mobilkunder – hver dag. Alle ringer gratis.

Den indiske milliardæren Mukesh Ambani satser på å lykkes hvor Telenor, Vodafon og andre har tapt enorme beløp. Han har brukt over 200 milliarder kroner for å ta markedsandeler og knuse konkurrentene – også sin egen bror.

Google, Reliance Jio Developing Affordable 4G Smartphone

Google and Reliance Jio may be secretly working on an affordable smartphone that will work exclusively on the latter’s 4G network. The phone is expected to be launched before the end of this year, according to industry sources aware of the development.

Amidst Slow PC Sales, HP Launches OMEN Gaming Laptops And Desktops In India

Amidst slowing sales of PCs across the world, HP entered the Indian PC gaming market with its OMEN series of products. The products will be available by 15th March, 2017 on HP world stores, e-commerce portals, and large format retail outlets across India.

Apple iPhone To Be Made In Bengaluru: Will Boost The Component-Manufacturing Ecosystem In India

Apple iPhones will be made in Karnataka. The government of Karnataka on Thursday said that it welcomed a proposal from Apple Inc to begin initial manufacturing operations in the state, in a sign that the tech company is slowly moving forward with plans to assemble iPhones in the country.

Gadgets In 2016: Reminiscing The Delightful And Looking Forward To Surprises

The cheapest one came for just Rs 251 while another made global headlines for catching fire.Year 2016 has indeed been the year of smartphones — for right reasons or wrong — as these powerful-yet-affordable devices pushed India ahead of the US as the world’s second-largest Internet userbase, with 2017 promising to be even better.

印度政策已经放宽 苹果为何还不开设零售店

今年 7 月份印度政府决定放宽该国的海外直接投资(FDI)标准相关的限制,以便于特定地区的外国公司在印度国内建立运营业务,包括建立单一品牌的零售店在内。这就意味着苹果公司可以在印度国内无障碍地开设自己的零售店了。当地果粉听闻这条消息时应该是很高兴的。

So When Is That Elusive Apple Store Coming To India?

India’s wait for its first Apple-owned store is not going to end soon. In June, the Narendra Modi government had paved the way for Apple to open direct stores in the country—almost a decade after iPhones first started selling here. And while Apple’s Indian fans rejoiced at the decision, it now appears that they may have celebrated too soon.

Fires Kill Note 7, Burn $17 Bn Of Samsung’s Market Value

Samsung Electronics is ending production of its problematic Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, taking the drastic step of killing off a device that became a major headache for the South Korean electronics maker.

Samsung’s Note 7 Has Created A Deep Scar For What Appeared To Be A Picture Perfect Scenario

It was the smartphone Galaxy Note fans had been waiting for. One that was supposed to pack in the best that Samsung had on offer along with some features that no other manufacturer could come up with. It even featured a not-so-popular iris scanner that Samsung advertised about apart from its water resistant capabilities. But even with the best design from Samsung in a decade, Samsung was in a rush to deliver its flagship product for the year before Apple and LG. Rushing your product in stores comes with some drawbacks as devices usually do not get enough time in the testing phase. And all of this (along with some bad PR) has resulted in the massacre of the Samsung brand.

4 Galaxy Note 7 explosions: Samsung Is Neglecting Its Customers

Samsung today is in a very tight spot. I’m not talking about now, but over the past few weeks ago. As for what’s happening right now, the buzz around the web points to five of its replaced Galaxy Note 7 phablets catching fire, which is an even bigger problem. But it doesn’t end there. Samsung has something off epic proportions headed its way. No, it’s not about how it discards those faulty smartphones, but the hurricane of lawsuits and problems related to customer service, ones that Samsung has yet to address formally. Right now it simply appears the company’s communications team has taken a step back.

Greyhound Radio on Impact of Reliance Jio on Digital Businesses in India

Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research in a conversation with Sunil Dutt, President Devices at Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited and Hitesh Dudani, Co Founder at Univibe Network.

Andromeda OS: Google To Bet On Mix Of Chrome, Android To Beat Apple

Google just turned 18 and like any adult it wants its rivals to take it seriously.

Enter Andromeda OS – another tool that the Mountain View-headquartered company is expected to unveil in the next 24 hours that it claims comprises of the best of Google’s two operating systems (OSes) — Chrome and Android.

India Still Does Not Feature On Apple Launch Map

India may be for one of the fastest growing markets for Apple but when it comes to launches it does not figure on the iPhone maker’s map. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available to customers in India beginning only from October 7 onwards.

Apple Killing The Headphone Jack In iPhone 7: All You Need To Know

Brace yourselves, by around 12AM September 8, it will become abundantly clear that an iconic technology will go the way of the dodo. Of course, I am talking about the trusty old headphone jack – 3.5mm one which we all use to connect earphones/headphones and other audio products. Apple is highly rumoured to be getting rid of this port.

Dialling Up Cheap Data In India: Greyhound Research Insights On Reliance Jio

India’s telecoms giant, Reliance, is offering smartphone users what it says is the cheapest mobile data in the world. It’s hoping to tap into India’s vast market of potential smartphone users.

Click here to see the video.

1 Billion iPhones Sold: For The Next Billion, Apple Must Catch India’s Eye

Nine years after Steve Jobs unveiled it before the world, Apple on Thursday said it had sold a billion of its iconic iPhones. Launched in 2007, the iPhone reinvented the mobile phone market, which, until then, was mostly dominated by bulky, non-intuitive devices.

Apple Reaffirms India Retail Store Plans As iPhone Sales Stay Strong

Apple Inc.’s chief executive Tim Cook has reaffirmed the iPhone-maker’s plans to open its own retail stores in India, which he described as one of its fastest-growing markets.

India Plays Hard To Get As Zuckerberg , Tim Cook, Jack Ma, Nadella Come Calling

Tim Cook started his India tour with an obeisance to Lord Ganesha, the favourite deity of those in trouble, at Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak temple. Cook did not put all his faith in religion alone, he also leaned on India’s other obsessions. The same day, he met the crew of Azhar, a movie loosely based on — talking of obsessions — the life of former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin.

What to possibly expect from Tim Cook’s India visit

Apple head honcho Tim Cook has been on a visit to neighboring China to meet the company heads of Didi Chuxing, the ride-sharing app in which Apple has invested $1 bn. But reports have been doing the rounds that he now plans to make a surprise visit to India. However, some reports floating online hint it could have been a well-planned visit to meet PM Modi over the recent conundrum over selling refurbished iPhones.

Docoss X1 Android phone at Rs 888: Why the price is hard to believe

Docoss X1 and Freedom 251 by Ringing Bells are two really cheap smartphones — at least on paper — that have managed to grab attention in India. Docoss X1 costs Rs 888 and offers 4-inch display with 1GB RAM with 4GB storage (32GB expandable), a dual-core processor, Android 4.4 KitKat, a 2 megapixel camera and a 0.2 megapixel front camera. It has a 1300 mAh battery.

Where should Apple open its first retail store in India?

Keeping global Apple iPhone sales stats and it’s bad quarter aside, the year started on a good note for India’s Apple fans as reports about the Cupertino company opening its first exclusive retail store in the country started floating online.

Micromax has gone nuts and sort of admits it

You have to hand it to a company when it says that it has the “guts” to launch 19 products in one go. Or laud it when it realises the problems with its business model and, in one go, aims to do a full turnaround.

But what Micromax did on Wednesday as it hosted a gala event to mark the revamped brand strategy was just crazy. In a good way or bad, that is for consumers to decide. Although its new tagline — “Nuts, Guts, and Glory” — hints that the company believes it is making the right changes. Experts agree.

“They should be focussing on their hardware than services,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO of Greyhound Research.

Source: India Today

iPhone SE fails to get off the ground in India

The iPhone SE failed to get off the ground during its launch weekend, with less than 2,000 units distributed across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Steep pricing of the handset, which sees the 16GB model selling for ₹39,000 and the 64GB edition for ₹49,000, is the main factor behind the tepid response toward the phone.

Micromax to unveil revamped brand on April 13

Micromax Mobile, which is India’s largest indigenous smartphone brand, is all set to unveil a new brand identity on April 13 at an event in Gurgaon. The company has sent out invites for an event with a hashtag #GutsToChange.

Don't buy Apple iPhone SE now, buy it after a month

Apple has launched the iPhone SE in India at a rather lofty price of Rs 39,000. As many will remember, when Apple originally announced the price of the iPhone SE, the press release sent to journalists said that it will cost Rs 30,000 for the 16GB version of the phone, only to be corrected a couple of hours later.

Seven things to know before you book Freedom 251

While the world kept asking questions and Indians remained puzzled, a Noida-based startup, promising a Rs. 251 smartphone, on Friday claimed to have received nearly five crore registrations in just two days.

Chinese firm LeEco looking beyond smartphone business

Looking beyond smartphones, Chinese company LeEco is planning to bring its Internet-enabled TVs and cars into India.

Freedom 251 price: Why Rs 251 is not ringing a bell for everyone

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 could be the real democratisation of the smartphone. At this price, there should be no one in India who doesn’t own a smartphone and everyone should be online within a couple of years. That is the kind of effect a Rs 251 smartphone will have on the market, not to speak of the dozens of smartphone companies that will go out of business.

Freedom 251 pricing explained: Just how cheap can a smartphone get?

India has just had another Tata Nano moment, with the world’s cheapest smartphone being announced here on Wednesday. While there is understandable excitement across the country over the Rs 251 price point of the Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smartphone, there is disbelief in the smartphone market and in the rest of the world.

Freedom 251: Why the phone at Rs 251 is not ringing a bell for everyone

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 could be the real democratisation of the smartphone. At this price, there should be no one in India who doesn’t own a smartphone and everyone should be online within a couple of years. That is the kind of effect a Rs 251 smartphone will have on the market, not to speak of the dozens of smartphone companies that will go out of business.

Apple's Error 53: How, why and what it means to iPhone users

In case you’ve not realised, Apple is disabling iPhones that have not been repaired through official Apple service centres. This problem even applies to phones that were earlier repaired and were working fine. But now suddenly after the latest update to the IOS 9, these phones have conked off. Officially it is called Error 53.