Procuring Public Cloud – Ponder Before You Purchase

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Over the last 12 months, we at Greyhound Research carried out thousands of end-user enquiries on adoption of Public Cloud. These enquiries have ranged from questions on assessing Cloud vendors, controlling costs, automating manual tasks, ensuring data security & compliance, identifying potential workloads among other questions. Amidst a range of topics (reach out to our Client Centricity Team if you wish to know more details), one trend particularly stood out…

…While Public Cloud is seeing strong adoption across organisations of all types, Security/Compliance, Cost, Cloud Management and Data Migration are top concerns (for both business and technology leaders) and organisations globally are aggressively looking to partner with vendors offering comprehensive suite of managed services.

We at Greyhound Research believe this trend has both near-term and long-term impact on both the CIO and their respective organisation. Below are some of the latest tweets on this topic. Read a more updated thread by clicking on any of the tweets from below. Lastly, please spare a moment to retweet, share and respond to this thread!

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