Let’s Get Real About Privacy

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Essentials Of AutoML That Every Techie Must Know

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AI Today Is Not That New After All

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AI Is Evolving Quick & Vendors Are Struggling To Find The Secret Sauce

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How To Drive E-Commerce Business Through Predictive Analytics

Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & CEO of the Digital Transformation Research and Advisory firm Greyhound Knowledge Group points out that earlier e commerce firms used to depend on reactive analytics like push based email campaigns but over the years the…

IBM Thinks Watson In Cognitive Mode

The technology platform, Watson, does hold a lot of potential for solving customer problems through its advanced analytics capabilities. But it needs to work in tandem with end-user organisations and may be a long way from commercial success in India…

Traditional ERP Companies Getting Into Real Time Analytics

Traditional ERP companies are beginning to offer real-time analytics, with an intent to help companies leverage data even on mobile phones. Traditionally, ERP systems have always been focussed on records and not enough emphasis was on the value of the information…

Big Data – Inside InMemory Analytics

When Godrej Consumer Products wanted to implement an analytics solution, it had only one focus in mind: to have overall information visibility, especially in view of the fact that the amount of data a business has to deal with is…

The Soft Side of Networking

The idea of network administrators having programmable central control of network traffic without requiring physical access to the network’s hardware devices seems to be finally gaining ground. A sign of this is Juniper’s recently announced strategy on SDN, which focuses…

The Big World of Analytics

It is no longer a hypothesis. The exponential growth in digital information has brought forth new verticals and businesses—and analytics is a key segment that sprung up in the boom. Research firm IDC projects that the digital universe will reach…