WhatsApp Rivals Signal, Telegram Can Be Hacked Too

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WhatsApp Breach Turns Into A Competitive Advantage For Telegram And Signal

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Amid Fake News Menace And Data Privacy Issues, Facebook’s India Story Is Still Booming

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Hike Shows Why Super Apps Don’t Work In India The Way They Do In China

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Will Flipkart’s One-Stop App Script A WeChat-Like Success Story?

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It’s No Holds Barred In The Video Chat War

Last week, the world’s most used instant messaging service WhatsApp added a new feature to its already popular platform. The Facebook-owned company launched a video calling facility which allows users to see others while talking. Just a few months earlier…

How Hike Is Shaping Up To Be More Than Instant Messaging

From starting off as a chatting app, Hike, with its $175 million funding is now metamorphosing into a digital hub that can offer everything from discount coupons to news, as it seeks its next 100 million users. One of the…

Father didn’t tell him to, but Kavin Mittal took a Hike

Hike Messenger’s new office at the Aerocity in Delhi was designed by Kavin Mittal, its 27-year-old CEO. That is in keeping with Mittal’s career choices; he chooses to build his own things. He could have joined any of the several…

#GreyhoundInMedia: Hike looks to take on WhatsApp, WeChat #Press #Media #Mint

Kavin Bharti Mittal , chief executive of two-year-old messaging company Hike Ltd , happens to be the son of Sunil Bharti Mittal —an entrepreneur who sold bicycle parts, yarn and power generators before creating Bharti Airtel Ltd , India’s largest telecom…

How messaging apps are beefing up their user base

Smileys were always popular, but they never got the cult status that stickers - the new, larger emoticons - have gained. The fad, started by the Line messaging app in Japan, is now big enough to prompt TV shows featuring…