Things You Need To Know About #ONTrigger

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What is #ONTrigger and What we aim to do with it?

We at Greyhound strongly believe in the need to democratise independent insights (read not vendor sponsored) that matter most to the global IT community. To help realise this, we have taken a bold step of starting a knowledge-sharing, executive-dialogue series called #ONTrigger.

As part of this knowledge-sharing, executive-dialogue series, we engage with movers and shakers of the IT world on how they view the future of technology. Aiming to cut through the marketing hype, this series will focus on hard but relevant questions that we’ll pose to our guests who agree to brave the hot seat. Here’s everything else that you need to know about it.

Why should you take #ONTrigger seriously? 

This series reaches out to a wide range of audience that is interested in Digital Transformation – over 125,000 CXOs and more than 10 million individual consumers who read our independent research receive notifications each time we launch a new #ONTrigger.

As mentioned above, this series has been championed to share knowledge and insights in the industry. In order to keep this independent and yet make it successful, we do a few things –

  • We don’t charge money to those invited to this platform. Since this is a knowledge-sharing initiative, we are serious about not making this a marketing platform for IT vendors!
  • Exclusive invite-only guest list. Yes, we are very particular who is on the hot seat and when we say exclusive, we truly mean it. Take a dekko at our pre-qualifiers:
    • We only consider executives leading a business of USD 1 Billion or more in revenue or valuation
    • The executive has to be active in their current role for at least a quarter
    • An executive cannot be invited more than once in a calendar year
    • We only have 12 slots in a year, i.e. one executive dialogue a month
    • Slots are booked at least a month in advance
  • This is NOT a video interview series. Any requests referring to #ONTrigger as a ‘video interview’ will straight hit the Spam folder. Thanks for understanding. Also, if you inviting us to an event is contingent upon us doing an #ONTrigger, please don’t.
  • Are we open to suggestions and receiving requests to be part of this exclusive guest list? Yes, of course! Send us an email on if you think you/your company should be on the hot seat! But then, do ensure you have a very compelling story to convince us. If we like what we hear from you, you will hear from us.

Are there any guidelines?

We love to add a method to all of our madness and this is no exception. We have set guidelines and parameters (listed below) for all our guests on this platform and we are extremely serious about these.

  • We share the questions for the ONTrigger session with you well ahead of the shoot.
  • To help make the ONTrigger shoot a success, we recommend that you bring in a good quality video recording vendor.
  • While we don’t have any specific vendor recommendations, we urge you to find a vendor who has past experience of shooting corporate videos and is comfortable shooting with two video camera and two audio mic streams.
  • Vendors with experience of doing walking video shoots is an added advantage.
  • For the location of the shoot, a good 5 star hotel or your office location works well.
  • Please do co-ordinate with the hotel and give them a heads-up so that they help the crew set up and make necessary arrangements ahead of the shoot.
  • Please note, all expenses and arrangements for the shoot, including the vendor, location and edit costs, will need to be borne by the organisation whose executive we invite.
  • To learn more, please email us on
  • Greyhound Research retains all intellectual property and editorial rights for this series.

Last updated in October 2016.