Our Clients Are Transforming, So Are We [Part 1]

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2016 was largely a grim year in the history of mankind…if you think I’m exaggerating, read this article from Slate that does great justice to why 2016 leaves behind others as the worst year. Luckily for us at Greyhound Knowledge Group, we came out unscathed…in fact, it has probably been one of our best since inception in April 2013.

2017 is going to be a cracker of a year for us. Our clients are transforming, so are we.

No, not another cliche marketing statement, but the one that you’ll see unfold in a concrete way through the course of 2017. In fact, some of these changes were unveiled quietly in December 2016 and we’ve already received great feedback from a few of you. A special thanks to those who reached out.

To give you a glimpse, below are the 5 pillars we reviewed and revamped to arrive at the new Greyhound approach.

While it would be ideal to offer more details, but we realise competition for us is real and studying our moves closely. No, we don’t mind the attention, in fact, we find it truly flattering! Having said that, if any of you want to know more about our plans, give me a shout and I’ll walk you through our grand plans to land on mars. Alright alright, I know landing on mars is overdoing it, but you get the drift, right?


Circling back to our plans, below is a quick glimpse of the transformational changes that we have implemented in the past month.

The Greyhound Knowledge Group logo

So, when we went to the drawing board, one of the first things that the team decided to review was the company logo. And there were good reasons for it. In a nutshell, a sharper look for a sharper focus in 2017.

Our Insights portal, As Disruptive As It Gets

To be honest, this transformation has us most excited. While more changes can be expected over the next few weeks (expect to hear again from us), some changes that are already active include a sharper URL (from AsDisruptiveAsItGets.com to now ADITG.com) and a more holistic focus spanning multiple pillars of Digital Transformation. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!

Here’s to a buzzing and transformative 2017!


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