We Owe This To You: Greyhound Research Ranked 2 In APJ & Top 10 Globally In #AFOTY14

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Yes, we owe this to you dear clients, colleagues, partners and friends! We have been ranked second best analyst firm in Asia Pacific by Influencer Relations. The ranking is an outcome of the annual Analyst Value Survey organized by London-based Kea Company, the leading voice on analyst relations across the globe.

The ranking highlights Greyhound Research’s commitment to its customers in Emerging Markets and marks the rise of young analyst firms that are disrupting the market by delivering world-class insights. Below is a chart with the key outcomes from the awards.

Source: InfluencerRelations.com

Announced in December 2014, the survey results ranked Greyhound Research across multiple aspects –

  • Greyhound Research is also the only analyst firm headquartered in Asia Pacific to rank amongst top 10 firms globally
  • With deep hands-on expertise in advising both buy and sell side of the software ecosystem, Greyhound Research has been ranked 7thamongst global market leaders for Software Research
  • With high degree of focus on IT Decision Makers (buyers), Greyhound Research has been ranked 8thglobally on impact on Decision Makers
  • Practicing the principles of customer-centric processes with market-leading pay-as-you-consume research and advisory, Greyhound Research has been ranked 9thglobally for its business growth
  • With dedicated focus on deal and captives tracker for Emerging Markets,  Greyhound Research has been ranked 9thin IT Services & Outsourcing Research
  • Given our deep understanding about the changing nature of business models in the telecom sector, we have been ranked 8thfor valuable insights in Telecommunications & Networking
  • By following a research-led consulting approach, Greyhound Research has been ranked 9thglobally for focus and solid value for money for vendors
  • Keeping sharp focus on Emerging Markets, Greyhound Research has been ranked second best Analyst Firm in Asia Pacific in 2014

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you all – we truly owe this to you! I truly believe the IT Analyst world is changing and fresh perspectives from younger entrants like us (we started in April 2013) are helping level out the industry. Most importantly, we are home-grown (originated in emerging markets) and focused chiefly on what’s disrupting the IT industry. We truly believe that Emerging Markets deserve exclusive focus and attention; hence our dedication.

Lastly, here’s a toast to all other winners – let us all work together to keep the spirit of the analyst world!


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