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Recently, Greyhound Research has been recognised by a senior Analyst Relations professional, Dave Noble, as one of the upcoming Analyst firms.  While this recognition is surely a feather in our cap and we are humbled on Dave’s decision to include us in the list, we are not letting this and other accolades go to our head. We remain committed to being a new-age IT Analyst firm with innovative offerings and robust processes.

While more about our journey can be read in this blog and some of our latest pictures can be seen on our facebook page, I wanted take this opportunity to share details on how we are making a difference to the IT Analyst landscape.

  • First things first, the IT Analyst world is changing. While we are one of the younger entrants in the market, this wave has been pioneered by the likes of Ray Wang launching Constellation Research, Phil Pherst launching Horses for Sources and many other great analysts who have branched out to start on their own. This is helping level out the IT analyst world and newer players like us are helping clients with fresh perspectives and opinions in addition to those offered by the more established players like Gartner and Forrester.
  • Being new and young is an advantage than otherwise. Most analyst firms suffer with traditional ways and norms of working. We on the other hand, look at technology and trends from a lens that matters most to the newer breed of IT Decision Makers. Hence, keeping our research and advisory most relevant to their role. Being young also makes us nimble and helps respond quickly to market changes. Essentially, we are legacy free.
  • We are home-grown. We do not commit or wish to be a company that does it all, knows it all. We are focused chiefly on what’s disrupting the IT industry – new business themes, evolving IT decision makers, emerging technologies, emerging markets and verticals – and plan to continue the same focus for the foreseeable future. We truly believe Emerging Markets – Asia Pacific Japan (APJ), Middle East Africa (MEA), Eastern Europe and Latin America – deserve exclusive focus and the attention; hence our dedication.
  • We are truly independent. Unlike many of our peers who continue to offer vendor sponsored research, we stand against it. We strictly do not undertake vendor sponsored research in any shape or form. No whitepapers or other forms of co-branded research. Yes, we do work with IT & Telecom vendors but instead offer distribution rights for our independently-authored research reports.
  • We offer research and advisory services relevant to your role, industry and geography. Greyhound Research caters to three types of audience – IT Decision Makers (incl both CIOs and LoBs spread over three types of orgs, Large Enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses and Government institutions), IT Vendors & Channel Partners (incl Start-ups) and Investor Community (incl Venture Capitalists, Investment Funds, Private Equities and other financial institutions). We’ve aligned our advisory and custom research offerings specific to each audience to help maximize their investments with us. To learn more, please reach out to us on connect@greyhoundgroup.com and the team will be happy to walk you through the details.
  • We believe in the power of communities. We at Greyhound Research truly believe that exchange of ideas helps drive innovations. Hence, our decision to establish an invite-only community of IT decision makers called as ‘Greyhound Golden Gate’. This program has been running successfully over the past 6 months and we’ve managed to enrol CxOs from over 100 organizations in Emerging Markets. To learn more on how you can enrol in the community or use it to capture insights, please reach out to us on connect@greyhoundgroup.com and the team will be happy to walk you through the details of the program.

Friends, while I’ve done best to offer relevant details in this piece, I’m sure many of you have additional queries. It’ll be my pleasure to walk you through some of the latest at our end and help you get a better grip on our capabilities. Please share your queries with me on sgogia@greyhoundgroup.com and I’ll surely revert within 24 hours.

Once again, thank you for sparing time to read through this note. I am aware this was a longish note (2x the words we usually write), but then sometimes a few things need to be told in labyrinth! 🙂



Note for Technology Users – Join Our Exclusive Community!

Greyhound Research values your opinion and invites IT decision makers and business leaders involved in IT projects to join our exclusive, vendor-free research panel, Greyhound Golden Gate. If your story if exclusive and we have your permission, we will write a post about you and the project to share it with the larger community. Over and beyond, this also gives you access to some of our thought-leading research and experts. Please write to me on sgogia@greyhoundgroup.com and we’ll take it further from there!

Note for Vendors and Providers – Did you see our Research Agenda?

Do check out our extensive research schedule that covers a vast variety of topics including new-age business themes, disruptive technologies, business and technology roles. Please write to me on sgogia@greyhoundgroup.com and we’ll gladly share a copy of the research schedule with you.

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