#GreyhoundCorridors: Doing Away with Monday Blues the Greyhound way! – #MondayMorningsAtGKG

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At Greyhound Knowledge Group we like doing things differently and remodeling traditions to make our own. June saw us starting an all-new tradition here at the HQ – #MondayMorningsAtGKG. Over time we realised that Monday mornings were becoming synonymous to grumpy faces, no interaction and whole lot of coffee – we wanted to change this.

So we decided that every Monday morning all teams would get together to do something exciting. The idea was to get engaged in an activity that doesn’t involve discussing project or client timelines; escalations; manager problems or task agendas – instead get involved in some form of mental or physical extracurricular activity that gets everyone pumped up.

So far some of the exciting activities we have had involved sessions of gully cricket in the office premises; a fun group discussion about how our CFO is the perfect company mascot; and an Audio-Video motivational session with our CEO. Here’s what some Greyhounders had to say:

“Who thought Monday’s would be this much fun, I especially like starting the week on a motivational note. It keeps me pepped up for the entire week!”Manav Juneja 

“I think it makes you ponder over the little things which otherwise are missed out between the everyday mundane chores of life. It is helpful in bringing out the hidden strengths of each team member and helps you build on that.”Shriya Barar

“Monday Morning activities actually helped me learn more about my co-workers and it definitely keeps us power packed through the week – I actually look forward to Mondays.” – Mehul Rastogi

Check out all our pictures here – Monday Mornings @ Greyhound

We plan to continue this each Monday as different team members volunteer to host the session for that day. Here’s to breaking the Monday monotony and kicking it up a notch!

About the author: Manasi Parvatikar is an Analyst with Greyhound Research, an independent IT & Telecom Research & Advisory firm. Manasi focuses on emerging consumer technologies and trends that are transforming our everyday lives. To read more about her, click here

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