One Small Step For Me, One Giant Leap For #WorkforceTech

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It’s not often that one comes across a young, new-age Research & Advisory firm which does not believe in pay-to-play, but dares to say things as they are.

A firm which has not just survived but thrived, while staying fiercely independent. Where the focus is always on the user and knowledge sharing is a way of life. There has to be something truly special about them. All this and more is what attracted me to Greyhound Research, the IT & Telecom Research & Advisory arm of Greyhound Knowledge Group.

My connect with Greyhound companies – specifically Greyhound Research – happened almost three years ago.

I have always been a voracious reader of emerging technologies and their impact on individuals and organisations. Albeit I started as a curios reader of Greyhound Research insights on As Disruptive as IT Gets (for Enterprise Technology) & recently Internet of Style (for Consumer Technology), I soon became an ardent follower of their independent, actionable insights for everything tech.

I eventually turned into a disciple of their work – from casual reading to a daily morning ritual. The Greyhound way of doing things became my new testament – my gospel of truth.

Turning disciple to Greyhound Research’s work on Digital Disruption and its impact on individuals and organisations got me questioning the longevity of my work profile at that point in time. This triggered a defining change at my end.

Having worked with some of the best global organisations for over 18 years, I wanted to break the norms, challenge the status quo and partake in delivering insights that help define the future. It was during this time that I attended an event where Sanchit was the keynote speaker.

During his speech, Sanchit talked about how organisations are wrongly continuing to build and implement tools for the workplace and not for the workforce. He spoke of the need for organisations and leaders to shift gears and take a WorkforceFirst approach instead of the age-old WorkplaceFirst approach.

Sanchit spoke about the crucial shift from HR Tech to Workforce Tech and how technologies should no longer serve the HR leaders alone, but cater to the needs of the workforce. Hence the Greyhound Research stand on calling these Workforce Technologies and not HR Technologies.

It was dejavu! It reaffirmed my belief in Greyhound Research. I was ready to take the plunge into Research & Advisory and join Greyhound Research.

What followed were a series of grilling interviews. The conversations focused not so much on my past work experience or references, but whether I had the appetite for Research & Advisory and the professional values to truly be a Greyhound-er. To cut through the noise and focus on insights that truly matter. Have the courage to think, speak and stand true to Greyhound ethos. And here I am today, writing this blog as part of Team Greyhound 🙂

With Greyhound Research, I am starting a new and an exciting journey wherein I will be leading the research agenda for ‘The Empowered Workforce’ theme.

Going forward, I will be sharing my thoughts and observations which underpin the shift from HR to Workforce Technologies. As part of this role, I will be studying the impact of vertical-specific processes and workforce-centric technologies on workforce lifecycle and overall business alignment. At Greyhound Research, we refer to this as the Workforce Empowerment Systems (WES).

To read my thoughts, please visit As Disruptive As IT Gets, the official Enterprise Technology Insights Portal by Greyhound Research. Also, feel free to engage with me on Twitter where I tweet everything #WorkforceTech.

PS: Cheers to Greyhound Knowledge Group on completing three years of a very successful journey. And here’s to many more!



anshooAbout the Author: Anshoo Nandwaani serves as a Vice President and Principal Analyst with Greyhound Research. In her current role, Anshoo leads the research agenda for The Empowered Workforce theme. As part of this theme, she studies the impact of vertical-specific processes and workforce-centric technologies on workforce lifecycle and overall business alignment. At Greyhound Research, we refer to this as the Workforce Empowerment Systems (WES). To read more about her, click here.

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