#GreyhoundCorridors: And We’ve Hit Another Home Run!

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And We've Hit Yet Another Home Run

On August 12, 2015, we at Greyhound Knowledge Group hit the BIG 100! Our reader base crossed the 100,000 mark. Spread across more than 100 countries, these readers are a mix of business and technology leaders who depend on us as their daily source of insights on a variety of topics. From our humble beginnings nearly 30 months ago (April 2013), the team has achieved quite a feat. Let’s take a brisk walk through the memory lane.

Grew From A Single Man Company To A Team Of Specialists (more here). The war can never be won alone!

Expanded From One Firm To Four Specialist Firms. While our customers already know this (and have benefited), we added businesses under the Greyhound Knowledge Group brand to help connect the dots between business and IT (more here).

Taken Bold Decisions. Contrary to popular opinion, we’ve refused business that doesn’t fit our scheme of things. This also includes letting go of people that don’t share the passion!

Gone Beyond Call Of Duty To Execute Complex Global Projects. And saw them through pristine outcomes for our clients (read testimonials).

Launched Project Catapult In 2015. At the outset of 2015, we started out on an ambitious journey and code-named it Project Catapult. As part of this, we have been making one key announcement (at least) every single month so far.

Closed FY 15 With Numbers That Can Dwarf The Eiffel Tower! Last FY (ending March 31, 2015) was an amazing one for us. As mentioned in a post earlier this year; we recorded a humbling 4-digit growth rate.

Delivering Insights With A Difference. One of the core reasons of our existence is the need to bring out insights that are usually not researched and seldom spoken about. And to bring this to life, we launched significant campaigns including #GreyhoundStandpoint, #ONTrigger, #GreyhoundRadio among others.

Nurtured Upcoming Professionals. Since our inception, we’ve taken employee career growth rather seriously. While employees get the best-in-class services – including being pampered to #MondayMorningsAtGKG – we also ensure our interns make the most of their time with us.  Our interns have received significant benefit from The Greyhound Turner Program, read their experience of working with Greyhound Knowledge Group in their own words.

Given Back To The Community. At Greyhound Knowledge Group we strive to give back to the community. No, these are not mere words and this is not yet another so-called Corporate Social Responsibility program. We walk our talk. One of the multiple social initiatives we are currently running is called People Empowerment Program (PeP).

What’s The Next BIG Thing From Our End? We are proud to announce an exclusive Knowledge Partnership with Fortune India The Next 500. Over the last few months we have been working on a one-of-its-kind ready reckoner for Emerging Large organizations (INR 500 – 2000 Crore in turnover with more than 500 employees) to help them chart their journeys towards The Collective Economy. To reserve your FREE COPY of this report, click here.

Hope this gives you a good sense of our journey so far. Do reach out to us in case you think there’s anything we can do to help. Once again, thank you all for your support. Here’s to many more such years ahead!



SVG 200x200About The Author: Sanchit Vir Gogia is the Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research, an independent IT & Telecom Research & Advisory firm. He also serves as Founder & CEO of Greyhound Knowledge Group that operates under four brands – Greyhound Research, Greyhound Sculpt, Greyhound Technocrat and Greyhound Vivo. To read more about him, click here.

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