#GreyhoundCorridors: That Was the Year…That Was #GreyhoundTurns1

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2013 was indeed the year that really was! It was the year when a dream nurtured over years finally came into being. In the words of one of our rockstars, “it was the year when baby steps turned into giant leaps”.

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  • In April 2013, Greyhound Research, the IT & Telecom Research & Advisory firm was born. The idea was simple – to challenge the conventions and help clients add value to their routine tasks. Having had the good fortune of working closely with some of the brightest minds in the industry, what stood out repeatedly during conversations with these people was the need for a new-age analyst firm. Most traditional analyst firms don’t innately understand emerging markets and merely replicate and adapt voices from US-based analysts. Hence the inception of Greyhound Research, a firm dedicated to the needs of emerging markets.
  • As the year unfolded, the scheme of things got bigger at Greyhound. This change at our end is eloquently described in the words of Bunny Livingston, “Now let the truth shine bright through all your actions, as you strive toward the accomplishment of your missions”. The mission was to create a group of companies that leverages our strengths in IT & Telecom, Research Methodologies & Processes and People Network and help clients holistically across multiple functions and business problems. Hence the inception of Greyhound Sculpt, our Business Research & Advisory firm and Greyhound Technocrat, our Executive Search and Head Hunting firm. All three firms including Greyhound Research, Greyhound Sculpt and Greyhound Technocrat are now being marketed under the group company named, Greyhound Knowledge Group.
  • So, why the brand name Greyhound? Well, while it surely started with fascination for dogs, more specifically hounds, there were three key reasons why we chose Greyhound as our brand name – 1) Greyhounds have strong limbs and a flexible body – we at Greyhound Knowledge Group have strong foundations and yet are flexible for our clients 2) Hounds are well-known for their ability to sniff – we at Greyhound Knowledge Group pride ourselves in getting (read sniff out) the most relevant and critical information for our clients, of course using the grey(matter) 3) Greyhounds since historical times have been used for racing and coursing – we at Greyhound Knowledge Group provide end-to-end support to our clients in their race and partner with them from the word ‘go’. 
  • Our journey so far. In the words of Colin Powell, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” And truly so. Last 12 months have surely been an uphill ride but to say the least, it’s been an exciting journey. We are humbled with the love and support all of you friends, family and well-wishers have showered us with. All of us at Greyhound Knowledge Group truly appreciate your trust in us. 
  • What to expect from us moving forward? Since inception we’ve always worked towards being a new-age firm with enterprise-class offerings and processes. Moving forward we have a three-point agenda for all companies at Greyhound Knowledge Group – 1) Innovate our service lines and standardize processes to add value in each of our client engagements 2) Introduce cutting-edge products that help decision makers in emerging markets to solve topical issues 3) Add talent to further build on the specializations we have internally and also help cover additional markets.

Once again, a heartfelt thanks from the Greyhound Knowledge Group family to all our friends, supporters and well-wishers! We look forward to your continued patronage.


SVG 200x200About The Author: Sanchit Vir Gogia is the Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research, an independent IT & Telecom Research & Advisory firm. He also serves as Founder & CEO of Greyhound Knowledge Group that operates under four brands – Greyhound Research, Greyhound Sculpt, Greyhound Technocrat and Greyhound Vivo. To read more about him, click here.

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