Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia In A Digital Panel Discussion by ET Telecom on the Role of Telecom Networks & Cyber Threats in WFH Era

Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia in a digital panel discussion (by ET Telecom) on the Role of Telecom Networks & Cyber Threats in WFH Era. About The Panel With companies across sectors allowing their employees to work from home, the role of telecom…

Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia at The Economic Times Telecom 5G Congress 2019

Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia as Keynote Speaker at The Economic Times Telecom 5G Congress 2019 on August 1, 2019 (New Delhi, India). Sanchit will be leading a panel discussion on how will local R&D and standards enable 5G ecosystem and relevant use…

Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia at Dimension Data CXBR 2019

Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia as Keynote Speaker at Dimension Data Customer Experience Roundtable (CXBR) 2019 on May 8, 2019 (Mumbai, India) and May 9, 2019 (Bengaulru, India). Sanchit will be talking about how organisations can deliver superior customer experience. Here's a quick quote…

Accenture’s Acquisition Of Droga5 Gives It An Edge In Consultative Sales

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Infosys To Hire More With Liberal Arts, Design Skills

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Infosys US Retail Sales Executive Naresh Ramamurti Quits

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Infosys announces Jayesh Sanghrajka as the interim CFO

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W12 Acquisition To Help TCS Compete Better In Digital Design Space

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Infosys To Look At Acquisitions Across Portfolios, Says CEO Salil Parekh

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Why TCS Is Worth $100 Billion, And Infosys Isn’t

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Infosys Draws Up A 4-Pillar Plan To Meet Clients’ Needs

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What Does Infosys Sale of Panaya, Skava Mean?

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Infosys To Sell Panaya: Narayana Murthy’s Stand Is Vindicated

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To Communicate Empathy, IT Companies Must Let The Actions Do The Talking

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About Time Technology Executives Stop Drinking The Marketing Kool-Aid

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Marico Gets Smarter With Tableau’s BI Solution

India is one of the most exciting consumer markets in the world. An expanding middle class population with rising average income and increasing spending power, coupled with rapid urbanization, add to India’s consumption story. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), with a…

Greyhound Research Keynote & Panel Discussions Microsoft Partner Summit

What is the event about? As a business owner, your key intent would be to drive long term growth and profitability for your business. To stay ahead of the game, you need solutions and trusted partners, who can help transform…

Will The New COO Rewrite Wipro’s Growth Strategy?

Abid Neemuchwala’s appointment comes at crucial time, with top executives set to retire. “It will help Kurien to focus on acquisitions and new business models,” added Sanchit Gogia, an analyst at Greyhound Research. To read the Full Article, click here:…

Big Data Impacts One And All

To serve a growing customer base and better manage the client experience across all customer touchpoints, organisations are moving away from siloed transaction-oriented systems – such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and dealer management systems –…

#GreyhoundInMedia: 20 Cost-Conscious Tips for Global Businesses Working with Multiple Vendors #Press #Media

You can’t become a great IT pro without breaking a few metaphoric networking eggs. It would be great if all these mistakes happened in a sandbox environment. Unfortunately, they often happen during business operations. “As organizations are increasingly delegating control…

#GreyhoundInMedia:20 of the Most Painful Lessons IT Pros Had to Learn the Hard Way #Press #Media

You can’t become a great IT pro without breaking a few metaphoric networking eggs. It would be great if all these mistakes happened in a sandbox environment. Unfortunately, they often happen during business operations. While learnings from these mistakes are invaluable,…

#GreyhoundInMedia: Innovation is the Way to Success #Press #Media #CIO&Leader

Innovation has always been one of the keys to success for a CIO; and over the years, every enterprise technology decision maker has realised that the job is much more than just managing IT in the organisation. The management's expectations…

SME Survey: What small business want from the first Modi-Jaitley budget

If Narendra Modi plans to keep his promise to the electorate of creating more jobs for our youth, this is one group he can’t afford to ignore: the small and medium (SMEs) enterprises which provide the bulk of the jobs…

#GreyhoundInMedia: SME Survey: Electricity is a pressing need; roll out more clusters to solve infra issues #Press #Media @FirstPostBiz

Lack of adequate infrastructure is an oft cited problem by Indian industry, but nowhere is it more acutely felt than in small and medium enterprises and they’re hoping that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will come up with a whole new…

#GreyhoundInMedia: #SME Survey: Businesses want protection of low-skilled labourers in Budget 2014 #Press #Media @FirstPostBiz

Indian small and medium enterprises employ over 40 percent of the total workforce in the country, but they only contribute to 17 percent of GDP. In fact after  agriculture, SMEs are the second to fostering employment opportunities. Yet in January-February 2013,…

SME Survey: Industry Hopes For An Equal Platform To Take On The Big Guns

It doesn’t help to be small in Indian industry with a majority of SMEs complaining that they are constantly being shouldered aside by their bigger competitors when it comes to marketing and having access to technology solutions, and they’re hoping…

SME Survey: Govt Scheme For Collateral-Free Loans Useless, Need Of The Hour Is Dedicated Exchange

Fund raising is the biggest challenge faced by small and medium enterprises in India, limiting their ability to retain talents, innovate and do necessary research and development, a pre-budget survey conducted among 540 SMEs has found. Not surprisingly almost all…