#CounterpunchWithSVG E08: Oracle Believes Its Cloud Is Like No Other. But Is It, Really?

#CounterpunchWithSVG is now seven exchanges old and has been read more than 20,000 times from over 100 countries. I have had the pleasure of hosting some big names from the world of technology who have braved not only some straightforward…

TikTok’s Suitors: Among Microsoft, Walmart, Oracle, and Reliance, Who Makes The Best Match?

Just about a year back, when afaqs! did a cover story on TikTok, it seemed like the short video platform was nearing the end of its problems in India. It seemed like the major concern for the ByteDance-owned video juggernaut…

TikTok Deal With Oracle May Not Lead Easing Of Ban In India

The ‘technical partnership’ deal struck between US-based business software provider Oracle and ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, is unlikely to bring cheers to users of the mobile app in India as the Centre is reportedly in no mood…

The Big Race For TikTok In India: What’s In It For The Buyer?

In the US, TikTok might be on the last legs of negotiation to find itself an American buyer but the big race is on In India. While several names like Microsoft, Twitter,  Reliance Jio and now Oracle have come to…

Oracle Running TikTok In India Doesn’t Make Sense: Here’s Why

Earlier today, we published a research report on the possibilities and the likely outcomes if Oracle was to land TikTok. Since then, I've received many calls from friends in the media about the implication for TikTok's India business and whether or not…

Oracle Landing TikTok Means A Lot Of Things, But Definitely Not An Ad Network

Sunday night just got exciting, and how! Reports have confirmed that Oracle has won the bid for the U.S. operations of TikTok (a ByteDance company), leaving behind both Microsoft and Walmart from the race. It's being touted that this deal will not…

Respite From Pesky Calls, Messages: Airtel Awards Pan-India Blockchain Deal To IBM

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Oracle Blockchain Service Speeds Up Transactions Of Global Businesses Securely

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Oracle Launches Cloud Computing Service For India To Push GST Rollout

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Oracle Launches Cloud Computing Service For India

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