IBM’s Love Affair With Quantum Computing Is Age-Old Yet New: #CounterpunchWithSVG

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John Lombard of NTT Ltd. In #CounterpunchWithSVG

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Bjorn Engelhardt of Riverbed In #CounterpunchWithSVG

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Faiyaz Shahpurwala of IBM In #CounterpunchWithSVG

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Hurtling Into Digital Age, India Stacks Up 3 Billion Entries

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First Casualty Of Donald Trump’s Win? eBay Sacks India Product Team

Online marketplace eBay will shut its global development centre in Bengaluru, laying off staff and taking back work to Silicon Valley on the day Donald Trump got elected as the 45th President of United States on promise of bringing back…

Making Cloud Work For Your Organisation – Questions CIOs Must Ask

Cloud Computing as a service provisioning mechanism is graduating to become a mainstay option for organisations. Despite skepticism, CIOs are exploring, pilot testing or using in production Cloud offerings in some form or shape. Earlier touted to be only popular…

Greyhound Research at IBM API Economy Forum

Greyhound Research at IBM SolutionsConnect 2015

Join Greyhound Research and Sanchit Vir Gogia on Twitter Chat on #APIMGT

Join Greyhound Research (@Greyhound_R) and Sanchit Vir Gogia (@s_v_g) for a tweet-up on API Management: An API Strategy is an imperative. Not a choice. Panelists: Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & Group CEO, Greyhound Research @s_v_g Promod Vallanur, Senior Product Manager,…

#GreyhoundInMedia: Oracle’s victory over Google on API copyright may impact software development #Press #Media

Excluding APIs from copyright protection key to development of the Internet. Technology major Oracle’s victory over Google in a recent lawsuit over copyrighting Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) may cause additional problems to software developers and impact how various IT systems interact…