Apple Killing The Headphone Jack In iPhone 7: All You Need To Know

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Brace yourselves, by around 12AM September 8, it will become abundantly clear that an iconic technology will go the way of the dodo. Of course, I am talking about the trusty old headphone jack – 3.5mm one which we all use to connect earphones/headphones and other audio products. Apple is highly rumoured to be getting rid of this port.

Greyhound Research’s Sanchit Vir Gogia also believes that there will be some kind of connector which will help users connect their existing earphones via the lightning connector. However, he believes that Apple may decide to sell it separately to appease its accessory partners who are making a lot these new lightning headphones and also to augment its margins.

“I am sure there will be an adaptor, but they could sell it separately,” said Gogia, who is CEO and Chief Analyst at Greyhound Research.

Source: PC Mag

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