How To Choose Between Google One, OneDrive, iCloud

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In a bid to enhance its revenue from storage on the cloud in India, Google Inc. has launched a new cloud storage subscription service called Google One. The idea, according to the company’s tagline, is to “get more out of Google” by providing expanded user storage across its products such as Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

According to Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst, Founder and CEO, Greyhound Research, “Google One is an attempt by Google to monetise its public cloud storage business that hasn’t seen the kind of uptick that they expected. While the company is spot-on to put the onus on Storage business since it gives them both, additional revenue and data for monetization, we at Greyhound Research don’t agree with the need to launch an entirely new product to achieve this. 

Firstly, Google Drive is excellent at what it does and it’s serious users swear by its features, availability and overall functionality – so, Google Drive has the recall it needs to further build on its revenues. 

Two, the company is known to spread itself thin by way of launching too many consumer products – this leads to both, lack of consumer recall and most importantly, lack of focus for internal teams.

Three, the base of users who are most likely to use such a service are either already Google users (either services or mobile OS) and use Google Drive in some fashion or the other. Key for Google was to use a strategy similar to used by Apple by putting iCloud (storage and backup) and the heart of it’s OS across all devices – this helps solve both, revenue and recall demands.

Fourthly, Google One sounds strikingly similar to Microsoft One Drive and the company should have (if anything) furthered it’s Google Drive brand by launching such a service under let’s say an extended brand name like Google Drive+ or like.

Lastly, would have been apt if Google had spoken about the additional security features that it is providing as part of this new launch. Must not forget that Data Privacy is an increasingly growing concern with consumers today and the serious users would have appreciated the company’s effort to provide additional layers of security against threats.



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