Enterprises Cannot Ensure Better Security While Still Repeating the Same Old Mistakes

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Dell Tech To Tap Indian Digital Transformation

To tap into the country's digital transformation, Dell Technologies, outcome of the $67 billion Dell-EMC merger, is sharpening its focus on the country. Specific to India, a study by Greyhound Research (DRIVING OUTCOMES FROM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – INDIA INC. APPROACH) found that: In India,…

Snapdeal将采取自营模式 追赶Flipkart和亚马逊

核心提示: 印度电商巨头Snapdeal将采取自营模式,由母公司Jasper Infotech Pvt旗下的子公司E-Agility Solutions Pvt负责这一自营模式。该举措与Snapdeal现在作为第三方电商平台的策略大为不同。此外,近日通过部署10万个核的OpenStack,Snapdeal获得成本降低、性能提升的好处。 Greyhound Research公司首席分析师桑切特·维尔·戈吉亚(Sanchit Vir Gogia)此前表示,“近几年,Snapdeal一直面临着身份认同的危机。Flipkart的优势是自主开发的强大的物流基础设施。亚马逊拥有多年的经验和雄厚的财力。但Snapdeal连物流问题都没解决,它会因为生态系统的缺失而尝到苦头。” Source: |

India’s Tech Center Underdog Fights Back

Considered to be one of India’s most developed cities, Pune is making a name for itself as a go-to tech hub in the country. In recent years, the city has seen an exponential growth of its startup community and may…

Why Do E-Commerce Firms Need The Billions?

Months after e-commerce major Flipkart raised $1.9 billion (about Rs 11,800 crore) in three rounds of funding in 2014, the Bengaluru-based company is again understood to be in talks to raise at least $500 million. “I believe the profit margins…