Back To Basics? BlackBerry Looks At Enterprise Tie-Ups To Sell Phones

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If you are not interested in a BlackBerry phone, we would not be surprised because the company has lost his recall value. Its brand recall value also took a hit when it launched the Blackberry Priv earlier this year at a very high price of Rs 62,990 before revising it later in the year.

“Blackberry’s new devices launch is a desperate attempt to pivot its enterprise software sales model of business. It is trying the same model that Google has tried with the Pixel with the only difference that it is a newly turned software company,” Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO at Greyhound Research, said adding that “the combination of software, hardware experience is the winning formula for Apple.”

He further said that the company has a problem of focus and is acting on too many avenues at the same time. “The only reason it is trying its hand in devices is that it is a demonstration unit, which is cheap, and can help institutions to mass adopt the devices in a price-sensitive market like India,” Gogia said adding that the hardware approach in an MDM enterprise sales pitch will take two-three financial years to consolidate.

He also said that the company, which has now turned towards software, also needs a continuous flow of investment in Research and Development, to keep its efforts alive.

Source: Hindustan Times

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