Oracle Preparing To Compete With AWS

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After launching its public cloud services in September, Oracle is vying for the market dominated by Amazon Web Services – by changing its organisation culture to mimic that of AWS itself.

“Digital sales will be challenging for Oracle because most organisations require physical touch points. They are competing with AWS. Oracle is not pure play infrastructure player unlike AWS, which runs only infrastructure, costs very less and is easy to switch on and off, so financial risks involved are very less and decisions can be taken by IT manager.”

“But ‘Software As A Service’, which is the main play for Oracle, requires approval from the top of the organisation and costs of failure are very high. Therefore, they are used to ISVs (independent software vendors) coming to them and selling to them,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO at Greyhound Research.


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  1. Currently cloud services is scattered across. As a result, there is less control on expensive bandwidth usage. It is also not possible to control the end user’s experience through better traffic engineering on the cloud. There hence a need to control and engineer edge traffic is critical!

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