Data Centre & Compute Modernisation: Critical Success Factors In Digital Transformation Agenda

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Digital Transformation is topping the priority charts not just with technology leaders but with CEOs and Boards alike. Findings from a recent Greyhound Research study titled, Global CEO Priorities 2017, tell this tale eloquently. Per the study, over 95% global CEOs cited Digital Transformation as a key topic of discussion in meetings with their Board and other senior management.

Greyhound Research believes an organisation’s Digital Transformation agenda must be divided into three clear parts: Business Transformation (spanning Sales, Marketing among others), Technology Transformation (spanning Infrastructure, Apps among others) and Talent Transformation (spanning Skills, Learning and Development among others). Of these, we believe, Technology Transformation is the most critical to ensure success of the agenda.

As organisations transform Technology to support their Digital Transformation agendas, there is a rise in Public Cloud adoption. Having said that, Greyhound Research believes there are inherent limitations/challenges with Public Cloud. Per the findings of a recent Greyhound Research study titled, Global Cloud Adoption Index 2017, 68% CIOs across the globe are finding it a challenge to keep costs in control when moving to Public Cloud.

Given the challenges with Public Cloud around availability, control, security, financial outcomes among others, organisations are deemed to consider and adopt a Hybrid IT strategy. Per the same study, Global Cloud Adoption Index 2017, 87% organisations across the globe are either already implementing or planning to implement Hybrid IT/Cloud.

At Greyhound Research we believe, Data Centre modernisation is among the top 3 priorities for CIOs when devising their Hybrid IT/Cloud strategy. The same is confirmed by findings of a recent Greyhound Research study, titled Global CIO Priorities 2017. Per the study, 77% CIOs globally view investments in Data Centre modernisation as critical to the success of their Digital Transformation agendas. The study further elaborates that more than 65% CIOs and IT teams believe modernising compute is a critical success factor in the broader Data Centre modernisation initiative.

At Greyhound Research, we believe a modern Data Centre must be intelligent, allow for scalability, offer higher efficiency by the way of automation, and ensure security across workloads. Having said that, it is critical for CIOs and IT teams to revisit architecture, dated procurement and support policies. Ultimately all investments in modernisation must link to the IT team’s ability to support the company’s Digital Transformation agenda.

To discuss more on this topic, Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research will be putting Manish Gupta and Rudramuni of Dell EMC on the hot seat for Greyhound TV Brass Tacks series. While the series will be launched later in the week, the conversation will take place on Monday, July 10 2017.

If you have any questions about Data Centre modernisation and importance of compute in Hybrid IT/Cloud scenarios, send these over to us ahead of our conversation. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.



  1. Great post folks! While the need for DC transformation is understood, the key question is, how to get the business to give additional dollars to fund additional cost? This question is more critical in a tight budgetary environment of today. Your thoughts, please.

  2. You wrote about compute refresh, while that is fine, but in the end, isn’t x86 just an x86? With all OEMs picking the same Intel/AMD as the baseline, it’s sometimes plain confusing to even put comparatives. We are currently in the midst of a refresh, hence the question…

  3. Have to agree with Greg there. While we all have a cost comparison sheet of our own, think what’s needed is a comprehensive understanding of all factors that impact the TCO in the end. Our CFO has a strong stand on some of the upgrades that we’d like as the IT team. Per him, Performance is discretionary. Ah, the world we live in 🙂

  4. Ok so we’ve invested in refreshing our data centre, faster compute et al – all of that fine – now we have a bigger ordeal at hand, proving improved application and database performance & showing ROI on the supposed lower TCO! Any bright ideas, best practices, recos ?

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