The times they’re a-changin

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About the same time Steve Jobs was shipping his first Apple Macintosh in 1978, a start-up floated by a bunch of young Indian entrepreneurs had developed the first indigenous micro-computer. Hindustan Computers Limited, as it was known then, had developed this machine even before IBM came up with its first version of personal computers or PC. While the three companies were then at the same point in terms of product innovation, 35 years later things have changed dramatically for the Indian company.

“Much will depend on how HCL Info can change the mind sets of existing business heads and the broader organization. This is not an easy change to go through and requires deep change management efforts. A key challenge that HCL Info might face in the market is lack of deep C-level relationships beyond the pockets of IT organisation,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, Group CEO, Greyhound Knowledge Group

Greyhound Knowledge’s Gogia reckons that being a late entrant into the IT services business, HCL Info may have an advantage in terms of learning from established players. “If HCL Info is to play smart, it can take the learnings from other players operations so far, tap the market gaps to add value and use existing relationships to sell. However, this is not an easy change and requires deep-rooted changes to the company’s DNA,” says Gogia.

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