Does Salesforce1 Meet The Needs Of Indian Enterprises?

51 views Reading Time: 2 minutes, the San Francisco based cloud computing company, announced the release of their new mobility and apps oriented Salesforce1 platform at the Salesforce Dreamforce Conference on 18 November.

“The new Salesforce1 platform has effectively rebranded its already established solution,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst, Greyhound Research. “It’s a bold towards enhanced value since developers are primarily working on mobile first when creating enterprise apps.”

Greyhound research across the Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa regions has shown that the demand for enterprise apps on mobile is rapidly growing, with over 70 percent of enterprises looking for CRM, BI and HCM apps to add value to their mobile device strategies.

“Salesforce presence although strong in the Indian market share has waned a bit with respect to enterprise ready solutions for the next wave of innovation,” said Gogia. “CIOs and enterprises are looking for convergent ecosystems from their solutions providers that can help them leverage the joint benefits of cloud, mobility and data.”


“Indian enterprises specially have been using CRM solutions for years, what they need now more than ever is the ability to deploy customer experience insights to enhance customer engagement,” said Gogia sighting a case form an Indian telecommunications provider who is more interested in leveraging social media data for its customer engagement strategy than just upgrading its CRM systems.

Gogia explained that although the unified platform will improve upon the already established solution, the need to address the demands of enterprises directly is where Salesforce needs to move. The availability of high quality analytic apps and mobility interfaces from the platform provider would bolster enterprise confidence in its solution as a whole.


“India is the fastest growing cloud computing market in the Asia Pacific region; with ongoing roll-outs of national broadband and 3G networks,” said Gogia . “A focus on reducing TCO (total cost of ownership), and demand for more scalability and flexibility in business applications, the cloud computing market in India is poised for continued growth.”


“Salesforce’s Internet of Customers strategy although critical in the current scenario doesn’t directly contribute enterprise data analytic solutions and relies on the developer community,” said Gogia. “Considering the one stop solution, of platform and analytics, from main competitors like Microsoft and Oracle, Salesforce really needs to take a more proactive role in its AppExchange market place.” 


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