Enterprises Cannot Ensure Better Security While Still Repeating the Same Old Mistakes

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The threat environment is evolving rapidly across all layers – applications, servers, network, and underlying infrastructure. Alas, the cybersecurity protocols, mechanisms and overall efforts of enterprises in ensuring security across these layers are not keeping up.

I have said this in past, and I need to say this again. Harsh as it may sound, the truth is that enterprises continue to make the same mistakes of past, either in the same form or in a similar pattern.

It’s surprising as well as concerning how common some of these basic vulnerabilities are. Web applications continue to be vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. The number of attacks at the server framework level is still too high for comfort. Organizations are still too focused on ‘data at rest’, and they continue to overlook a significant part of ‘data in motion’. Security processes and protocols in many organizations have not been adapted to the changes in vulnerability landscape that have fast moved beyond traditional database, applications and network, to include devices (and now, things). Application rollout processes are also still majorly focused on functional and basic technical testing, leaving several points of vulnerability inadequately tested.

With these examples, I’m only ‘scratching the surface’. There’s a need for a major relook across the areas of cybersecurity – in security protocols, processes as well as technical redressal of the same. It also doesn’t help that enterprise IT, especially in large enterprises, lack the required competency across levels and layers to address these issues, in toto.

Needless to mention, it’s a concerning situation. Having said that, it’s not as if CISOs and technology leaders are not making the effort. However, they cannot afford for their organizations to keep making the same mistakes and hope for a more secure ecosystem.

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