Dell Tech To Tap Indian Digital Transformation

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To tap into the country’s digital transformation, Dell Technologies, outcome of the $67 billion Dell-EMC merger, is sharpening its focus on the country.

Specific to India, a study by Greyhound Research (DRIVING OUTCOMES FROM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – INDIA INC. APPROACH) found that:

In India, 68 per cent of  respondents experienced significant sector disruption over the past three years, against the global average of 52 per cent. While 62 per cent of those surveyed do not know how their sector will look like in three years, as compared to 48 per cent of respondents globally, about the same number of those surveyed feel they might become obsolete in the next three to five years (globally, 45 per cent). The survey also showed nine of every 10 Indian enterprises have seen the entrance of new competitors as a result of digital technologies.

And, that 62 per cent of Indian enterprises are planning to invest at least 30 per cent or more of their 2016 information technology budget on transformation projects.

Source: Business Standard

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