Greyhound Research as a Knowledge Partner at CIO Leadership Retreat 2014

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What is the event all about? 

Today’s most advanced and complicated IT technology landscape poses unprecedented challenges and needless to say that an isolated approach never can address these challenges. This is only possible with a strong, mutually understood IT partnership, which not only addresses the challenges but also provide an in-depth view of upcoming obstacles. The 2014 edition of CIO Leadership Retreat (CLR) unveils unique insights on the role IT Leadership and IT partnerships that are poised to pave success in a new business climate that warrants organizations to aim for higher operational efficiency and better customer responsiveness.

Increasing expectations from customers, emergence of advanced technologies, demand for higher operational efficiency, higher RoI etc have forced CIOs today to review their strategies and to look for effective result oriented IT partnerships. 2014 edition of CLR is an opportunity for you to discuss with experts on how to streamline your IT operations and make them agile and responsive to your client needs. You will also learn about the Power of Partnership and how to identify the right partner.

Primarily focused on Power of IT Partnership, CLR 2014 will address these four key areas:

  • Addressing business expectations with operational efficiency
  • Identifying right IT partner for tomorrow
  • SMAC for a dynamic future
  • Is cost optimazion enough for your business growth?

Greyhound Research is proud to associate with the forum as a Knowledge Partner and our Chief Analyst & CEO, Sanchit Vir Gogia, will be a delivering a keynote and leading a panel discussion at the event which will have industry stalwarts to join and learn from each others’ experiences. Sanchit will share his rich expertise and perspective on the rise of emerging technologies and its future in enterprises. Backed up by solid user case studies, Sanchit will be sharing best practices for organizations looking at using external partners to launch strategic IT projects.

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When & Where?

14th and 15th February 2014 at Lonavala, India.

Source: CIO Leadership Retreat