Putting the #EMM Vendors Through the #PoodleAttack Check: All But One Pass The Ring of Fire #Security #MDM #BYOD

Earlier this morning I was chatting with a CIO of a large manufacturing organization with presence across multiple continents. They are currently benchmarking Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors to help secure their mobile environment and we are helping them with this activity. As part of our rigorous methodology, we put 5 key vendors – Mass360 (owned by IBM), MobileIron, Good, Microsoft InTune and AirWatch (owned by VMware) – through the Poodle Attack Vulnerability check and results were amusing. While all vendors passed this test, AirWatch couldn’t make it to the finish line and got an overall rating of F. See pictures below for more details. We had reported another similar test last week where we found Microsoft’s Office365 vulnerable to the Poodle Attack.

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.@Microsoft #Office365 Still Impacted With #PoodleAttack: A Case Of #CloudSecurity Fallen Short

On a call earlier today (with an end-user client) I was discussing enterprise security norms around cloud-based productivity suite offerings. Like many IT Decision Makers who are taking the leap to the cloud, our client (based in the APJ region) is also currently evaluating cloud-based productivity suite options including both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. During our conversation I ran a quick Poodle Attack Vulnerability check (on and the results were worrisome. More below.


Greyhound CEO Sanchit Vir Gogia Says Analysts Need To Keep Their Heads On Their Shoulders #IIAR #InfluencerRelations #AnalystRelations

In the latest Coffee Talk webinar (hereGreyhound founder Sanchit Vir Gogia talks about the way his business has focussed research on specific client needs like IT strategy, sales and marketing. The Springboard and Forrester alumnus also places the three Greyhound businesses in context, and how they reinforce each other. He gives great examples of helping the CEO of a major cosmetics company to connect customer satisfaction with IT, using inventory management to drive better outcomes, and of helping an IT services firm to decide where to locate its offices. The Greyhound Golden Gate is also explained: it’s their community for over 100 of Asia’s most innovative IT buyers.

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