The Gossamer Fabric of CEM

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Customer interactions have become like a complex code that needs proper decoding in order to serve them better. As consumers use multiple touch-points to access information, exchange reviews and buy products and services, organizations are clearly finding it difficult to integrate systems and leverage social technologies to optimize the quality of customer interactions. In a world driven by ever changing market and customer priorities, acquisition, retention, loyalty and satisfaction are keywords for your customer management strategy. Each time your customer transacts with your brand, they are engaging in an experience.

According to Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & Founder, Greyhound Research, “CIOs are very keen to utilize analytics to better serve customers and improve the customer experience. Asian Paints is one example of a company which is using web-based analytics to target customer references. Through this, the company is better able to tap into the customer behavior during multiple stages of the website experience and look out for the stage at which the customer usually opts out.”


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