Walmart’s Acquisition of Flipkart – Key Questions Answered

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Wal-Mart, Flipkart Deal Talks: $1 Bn Is A Pittance But Retail Giant May Be Just Testing The Waters

India’s retail space dominated by home-grown market leader Flipkart, with Jeff Bezos-founded Amazon following it, is being infused with increased funding if one were to go by news reports that Wal-Mart is pumping in $1 billion into Flipkart. Sanchit Vir…


近日,全球最大零售巨頭沃爾瑪以30億美元現金和3億美元沃爾瑪股票的價格收購了美國電商公司。該筆交易將推動沃爾瑪電商業務的發展,使其在電商領域更具競爭力。此次沃爾瑪收購Jet.com將幫助該公司更接近電商業務的終極目標:擊敗亞馬遜。雙方在電商領域的較量會影響到印度嗎? 而IT行業研究諮詢公司Greyhound Research的CEO戈吉亞(Sanchit Vir Gogia)並不認同斯里瓦斯塔瓦的看法,他認為沃爾瑪需要花費一段時間才能走出美國市場,公司的當務之急在於平穩地完成對Jet的收購。 Source: | | | |

Should Flipkart & Amazon Watch Out For Ecommerce Competition From Walmart?

With the acquisition of, the year-old US based ecommerce startup, Walmart Stores Inc. made its way into ecommerce. Its entry into the lucrative online retail market came at an expense of $3 billion (to acquire On the other…