Indian IT Companies Pull Plug On Russia

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TikTok, Other Apps Will Get Chance To Send In Their Clarifications

A day after the Union government banned 59 Chinese applications, including popular ones such as TikTok, Shareit, Mi Video Call, Club Factory and Cam Scanner, citing threat to national security and sovereignty, an Information Technology Ministry official said the banned…

Charted: There’s no match for TikTok’s popularity in India yet

India’s ban on 59 Chinese apps includes one that has ruled the roost in the country for years. The reach of TikTok, owned by Beijing-based Bytedance, eclipses all other live-streaming apps in India by a huge margin. More than a third of Indian smartphone…

TikTok, Mi Call và 57 ứng dụng Trung Quốc bị cấm tại Ấn Độ

Lệnh cấm được đưa ra trong bối cảnh căng thẳng cực độ ở biên giới Ấn Độ và Trung Quốc. Các ứng dụng trong danh sách cấm bao gồm các dịch vụ khác nhau như thương mại điện tử, game,…

Government Bans 59 Apps Including China-Based TikTok, WeChat

The Government of India on Monday banned 59 applications, most of them popular Chinese applications such as TikTok, Shareit, Mi Video Call, Club Factory and Cam Scanner, citing threat to national security and sovereignty. The ban comes amid continuing tensions…

India’s Apps Ban: China Gets Taste Of Own Medicine, But May Hit Vloggers

In a big move, the Indian government on Monday (June 29) banned as many as 59 mobile applications, many of them owned and controlled by Chinese players in the markets spread across e-commerce, social media, gaming and entertainment sectors. This…

Galwan Valley Clash: Indian IT Services companies In Wait-And-Watch Mode

With the India-China border face-off in Galwan Valley of Ladakh disrupting trade relationship between the two sides, the country’s IT services companies say they are watching the developments keenly. “It is a multi-tangential issue. Indian IT services have a base in China…

Hexaware Plans Voluntary Delisting, Board To Discuss Proposal

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Indian IT Majors May Hire More Americans After Trump’s Tough Talk On Immigration

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How Wipro Is Shunning Risk And Chasing Innovation

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Facing A Leadership Crunch, Indian IT Sector On The Lookout For Overseas Talent

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Wipro: A New CEO Should Go Beyond The Tried And Tested

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Abidali Neemuchwala Resigns As Wipro CEO Citing Family Commitments

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Wipro Plans To Double Revenue From Its Consulting-led Services

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Small Contracts Are A Big Deal For IT

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Rishad Premji Takes Over As Wipro Chairman

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Task Cut Out For Rishad Premji

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Wipro Loses Nike SAP Maintenance Project

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Wipro To Pay Bonus To Junior Talent To Curb Attrition

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KPIT-Birlasoft Deal: Mid-sized IT Companies Can Follow New Model

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Trump Govt Not To Change H-1B visa Rules: Time Indian IT Firms Looked At Changing Business Model

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Private Equity Firms See Gold In Mid-Size Indian IT Firms

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Ideal If New CEO Is Close To Murthy

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Tech Mahindra Delays Appraisals For Senior Staff As Trump Heat Adds To Worries

India's famed multi-billion dollar information technology (IT) industry has been facing challenging times over the past 6-12 months with top-notch IT companies already facing earnings pressures in recent quarters due to tough business environment prevailing in their most lucrative US…

Blow For Indian IT: New US Bill Proposes Doubling Wage Limit For H1B Visa

India's information technology (IT) sector will face temporary setback to move workers from India to the US with the bill introduced in the US House of Representatives that mandates minimum wages of H1B visa holders at $130,000, double the current…

Indian Techies Nervous About Stay In Donald Trump’s America; Mull Passage Back Home

Indian engineers have for long viewed the US as the land of El Dorado with its promise of riches — professional and personal. But they are now a deeply worried lot as nationalist rhetoric turns shrill in Donald Trump’s America.…

Trump-Wary IT Body Nasscom To Meet US Policy Makers Soon

Amid widespread concerns over impending policies of Donald Trump, who is set to take charge as US President from Friday, Nasscom is planning a visit to the US in the next few weeks to reach out to American policymakers and…


Hoping for a "business-friendly administration", Infosys chief Vishal Sikka says Trump himself is an entrepreneur and a business leader and therefore, he "expects that this will be the case where business and innovation friendly regime." Greyhound Research Chief Analyst and…