Data Security – The Questions, Solutions and Do’s and Don’ts

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At a recent tweet chat organized by Greyhound Research (corresponding hashtag: #SecurityChat), an esteemed group of panelists discussed ‘Security in the New IT World’. The conversation revolved around  various facets of security issues plaguing todays enterprises, particularly impact of emerging technologies like cloud, mobility, big data and social technologies. Apart from discussing the trends, the panelists also provided a certain set of do’s and don’ts, with respect to securing data, for IT leaders to follow before implementing any solution.

Ashish Bhagwat (@ashish_bhagwat), principal analyst, Greyhound Research, set the tone of the chat by stating that “level of control on access” varies from organization to organization and that IT maturity and data sensitivity are two driving factors for enterprises.

Emerging technologies only adds to the complexity and security woes of an enterprise. This means that CIOs need to look at securing the data as high priority. Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and Group CEO (@s_v_g), Greyhound Research said, “CIOs cannot have an escapist attitude to security given the speed at which IT is evolving.”

However, an audit before implementing any IT solution may solve most of the CIO’s headache. Bhagwat says, “Security and privacy are as much perception driven as reality assessment based. Organizations need to perform ‘real’ audits & make decisions.”

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