Infosys Sees A Billion Dollar In The Cloud

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Infosys is doubling down on plans to make cloud, data and experience becoming billion-dollar businesses and will continue to make most of its acquisitions in these areas in the next fiscal year, sources told ET.

Infosys held its annual management planning session last week to take stock of its initiatives and plan for the next financial year. A key goal is to ensure that the Bengaluru-headquartered IT services exporter ends the ongoing fiscal year at a fast growth clip, which will set the stage for the next.

“The SAP, Microsoft, Oracle service lines are drying up as customers are moving to Software-as-a-Service offerings, of which Salesforce is the largest platform. Now, instead of the CIO, the chief marketing officer controls more of the spending and they prefer these models, so it makes sense to build those service lines,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, CEO of Greyhound Research.

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