Identity management: how the cloud can help your business

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The risk of attack is increasing, but few small to midsize businesses are taking the basic measures needed to prevent it. The costs incurred from a compromise are vast; damaged systems and software must be replaced – and that’s on top of the legal and PR costs.

SMBs are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks as they often do not have proper security measures in place. In fact, the size of the business can be one of reasons why they are targeted, says Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO at Greyhound Research.

ID management tools are a therefore a critical element of a smaller company’s cyber security strategy. “There is an urgent need to have systems in place that are more sophisticated and provide an additional layer of security for data,” Gogia says. “That is where identity management comes in.”

Gogia says that cloud services such as Okta and Ping Identity are also ideal for SMBs.

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