The Insight-Led Approach To Talent Processes – Points To Ponder for CHROs

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The correlation between employee engagement and organisational success is a no-brainer. Over decades while Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) have automated processes that translate to improved employee performance, they continue to search better ways to motivate employees. The need to align their team to organisational goals and be counted as a strategic advisor to the management continue to be some of the long standing struggles of CHROs.

In their effort to overcome these struggles, CHROs are willing to explore new technology for improved efficiencies. Per the findings of a recent Greyhound Research study, Emerging Markets CHRO Priorities 2016, more than 73% CHROs in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region are keen to use newer technology over the next 12 months.

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The study also confirms that more than 65% CHROs in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region are keen to use Systems of Insight to help refine their approach to employee engagement.

In our experience of working with CHROs, Greyhound Research believes while a positive intent to adopt Systems of Insight is reassuring, HR teams often run into questions like:

  • How to define and capture data points that reflect employee engagement?
  • How to marry new data with data from existing applications like Human Resources Management Software (HRMS), Learning Management System (LMS), Performance Management System (PMS)?
  • What metrics to report to the management to help prove improved employee engagement?

At Greyhound Research we address over 3000 enquiries (per year) from Decision Makers of global organisations and help them answer many such questions. Below are some of the best practices we share.

Ask Questions Relevant To The Organisational Goals & Objectives. For Systems of Insight to make a visible impact on employee engagement, CHROs must first ask the right questions and know the desired metrics and outcomes. Greyhound Research believes it’s important for CHROs to make this an inclusive exercise and on-board all other business functions like Marketing, Finance, IT among others. The broad areas under which metrics can be collected include Performance, Recruitment, Learning & Development.

Integrated Data Sources from Existing Apps like HRMS, LMS, PMS among others. As an organisations’ employee engagement needs proliferate, it often leads to a situation where HR teams are running multiple applications – hence multiple data sets about employees. Before adding new and sophisticated Systems of Insight, Greyhound Research advises CHROs to integrate these multiple data sets. This will not only help better manage employee data but also help better understand employee behaviour.

Identify Experts Who Understand HR, Your Organisational Goals and Analytics. To make Systems of Insights project successful, Greyhound Research advises CHROs to identify a trained team of experts. This team must include internal stakeholders, subject matter experts, consultants and technology vendors.

Greyhound Research believes Systems of Insight can help CHROs overcome their long standing battle of assuming the position of a strategic advisor. But making System of Insight project a success requires vision, strategic planning, expert hands and most importantly, a fresh thinking.

About The Author: Sanchit Vir Gogia is the Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research, an independent IT & Telecom Research & Advisory firm. He also serves as Chief Futurist, Founder & CEO of Greyhound Knowledge Group that operates under four brands – Greyhound Research, Greyhound Sculpt, Greyhound Technocrat and Greyhound Vivo. To read more about him, click here.

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